Save on Your Prom Tuxedo with ‘Suit Up Bot’

At this time of the year, high school juniors and seniors have so many things to think about, such as college applications, scholarships, graduation, and most of all…PROM!

It is a bittersweet night, because it is one of the last times the graduating class will see each other. It will definitely be a night to remember, but of course, planning for prom can take weeks, even months of planning in advance. From purchasing your prom ticket, to renting a limo, to choosing the perfect tux for the big night, all of these purchases can pile up quickly. So how can you save some money while still looking good when the day finally arrives?

By using Suit Up Bot!

What is Suit Up Bot?

Suit Up Bot is an AI bot powered by The Black Tux that instantly turns good grades into tuxedo discounts.

How does it work?

  • Text the bot a photo of your report card (built in the Facebook Messenger Platform) and it will hook you up with a discount for your prom tux.

  • The bot will then process report card information with artificial intelligence to give unique responses based on grades.

Here’s a few GIFs demonstrating how it works!


How can I access it?

To start using the Suit Up Bot, visit the official website, which will connect your Facebook Messenger with the bot. You can then send a picture, and receive a discount on your prom tux!

We know how stressful this time of the year can be, and we want to help in any way that we can! Start saving instantly by using Suit Up Bot, and don’t forget to check out The Black Tux for some awesome tuxedos. You can also follow us on Twitter at @CelebMix!

Written by Michele Mendez

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