The Summer Set Releases “Missin’ You”

After taking a long break from music, The Summer Set has released a second song from their upcoming album Stories for Monday. The band’s second release is titled “Missin’ You,” and follows up their latest single, “Figure Me Out.”

The Summer Set has not released any music since April 2013, and they are finally releasing a follow-up album this spring. The new album, Stories for Monday, will be released April 1, 2016 on Fearless Records. The band works closely with this label, as their previous album, Legendary, was released through the same team.

“Missin’ You” is an uplifting song about moving on from a past relationship and feeling great about it. The track is upbeat and positive, which we can always count on this band to give us. Lead singer Brian Dales delivers powerful lyrics such as

“Feels like I’m finally living more than ever, since you’ve been gone I’ve never felt so alive.”

The music video fits the tone of the new song perfectly, featuring the entire band performing live and dancing. This song is fun, high-energy and easy to dance to, which we LOVE! The main focus of the video is the band, but the added visual effects take it to another level. The creativity of The Summer Set never falls shy of our expectations.

“Missin’ You” is currently available on both iTunes and Spotify. We are so excited that The Summer Set is finally making music again, and we can’t wait to hear all the new songs when Stories for Monday is released on April 1.

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Written by Kirra Johnson