‘Summer Shores’ Music Video Pictures Former Miss England Natasha Hemmings Amist Sunny Settings

Former pageant queen winner Natasha Hemmings has returned with a double dose of musical offerings, with Hemmings recently releasing album ‘Whispers’ and the bliss visual to single ‘Summer Shores’. 

Now in her 20’s, and having achieved both a degree in Music and the title of Miss England, Hemmings has released her beautiful album ‘Whispers’, a collection of her favourite instrumental classical songs that she has added lyrics and additional melodies to. The album as a whole is an ode to her lifelong love affair with classical music, and she has worked hard to protect and encapsulate the original beauty of the scores.

Beginning her season of releases with the premiere of ‘Summer Shores’, a beautifully serene celebration of all things love-filled. Starting off with a tranquil classic guitar solo a testament to Hemmings’ childhood growing up with this genre of music, the singles combined calming and relaxed ambience is made crystal clear from the offset.  

Accompanied by an aspiring and dreamy visual that tells the tale of hazy summer days spent down by the seashore by the side of a significant other. As its seaside setting and Natasha’s mesmeric and unbreakable connection with the camera intensifies, the video is the perfect depiction of a fairytale-like love story we all wistfully wish we could bring into our everyday realities.

Currently on tour with the legendary Aled Jones and Russell Watson, for this classic music aficionado with the release of stunning record ‘Whispers’ and mesmerising music video ‘Summer Shores’ out for all the world to witness, it seems the sky’s the limit for Natasha Hemmings. 

Watch Natasha Hemmings’ ‘Summer Shores’ music video here:

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Written by Emma

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