Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show Reminds Us All To Believe In Love

If you’re a fan of American Football – Super Bowl Sunday is a bit of a holiday, if you’re not, you probably still tune in for the halftime show. Over the years the Super Bowl halftime show has been as big of a staple to fans as the game itself with some of music’s biggest names performing. We’ve seen acts like Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, The Rolling Stones, and Prince take the stage and, sometimes, put on a better show than the game itself.

This year; Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars took the stage and left most viewers absolutely speechless at the end of their performance. Coldplay kicked things off with Viva La Vida followed up by Paradise and Adventure of a Lifetime. Bruno Mars took to the stage immediately after with his hit Uptown Funk and during a musical interlude the instrumentalists on the field split and Beyonce walked up, strutting in heels and a jacket that seemed to be an ode to Michael Jackson, to her new song Formation. She took the stage as she continued to dance to her new song where she joined Bruno in a stand off featuring Uptown Funk and Crazy in Love.

Then began a beautiful montage of past Super Bowl halftime shows where Chris sang lyrics from multiple songs from the past performances before Beyonce and Bruno Mars joined him on the stage with the instrumentalists and dancers for the big finale.

In perhaps the most beautiful moment of the halftime show, you began to see colors almost come to life around the stadium and they walked down the catwalk singing Up and Up and as the song drew to an end; Chris, Beyonce, and Bruno all showcased their vocal talents amongst cheers of the crowd as the entire stadium became, for a moment, a message to humanity.

Believe In Love

surrounded by a rainbow of colors that struck a cord in every person in the stadium and outside of it, many moved to tears. In a country that’s making strides in acceptance and equality; it was nice to see such a gesture at one of the largest sporting events of the year.

Everyone could use a little more love, and after that show of the emotion, it’s safe to hope that people will remember seeing an entire stadium draped in color, hope, and promise for a long time to come.

Love wins, always.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.