How To Survive a Fifth Harmony Meet and Greet

As the presale for Fifth Harmony’s North American tour quickly approaches, you might be thinking – ‘Should I splurge on a meet and greet or should I just get the regular tickets?’.

Many of our writers have met them before so if you’re wondering if its Worth It to spend the expense, this is exactly the right place for you. The experience of meeting one of your favorite artists/groups is probably the most amazing memory some of us will ever have. It is one of those things that is quite unforgettable.

So if by now you have decided that you are going to buy the package, congrats! We have a few tips for you so you know what to expect out of the meet and greet and things you should be sure to do!

  • When you walk around to enter the meet and greet, it kind of seems surreal. All of the girls are standing there, genuinely excited to see you! Definitely be friendly!
  • That being said, I know we all have our favorite member of the group. It is okay to head to that girl first for a hug! But, please remember that there are four other girls who would love attention from you. Don’t forget about them when rushing to get to your favorite.
  • Talk to them! Your meet and greet isn’t going to be just a quick picture and leave. Compliment something that they’re wearing, or even tell them how much you really appreciate them. They’re super kind to everyone and we promise that you will love it!
  • Know what you want for your picture pose ahead of time! The girls are super flexible when it comes to cool and unique funny poses; they actually quite love them. But the classic group hug or holding hands is a good backup in case you can’t think of anything else to do.
  • On this tour, they will be signing a poster for everyone they meet! If you were looking for them to write something specific out for you, this is the best time to let them know! You can even ask them to write it on the back if you don’t want it on your poster. Lauren has especially done it for people in the past!

That’s almost all the tips that we can give you on how to survive a Fifth Harmony meet and greet! We hope you have an amazing time if you decide to purchase the meet and greet package.

How To Survive a Fifth Harmony Meet and Greet 1

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Written by CelebMix