EXCLUSIVE: SVEA Talks ‘Love Me Now’, Zara Larsson Comparisons And More.

Pop newcomer, SVEA, may be new to the music scene but she’s surely mighty, possessing a plethora of potential which could easily elevate her to a global status.

Having only started writing music just over a year ago its clear SVEA is lyrically gifted with an innate songwriting ability and an ear for musicality. Her sound has the exciting Scandipop freshness, familiar to the likes of Zara Larsson and Tove Lo, with seamless runs, punchy choruses and R and B infused potential chart-toppers.

Graduating from the prestigious Rytmus Music High School in Stockholm, where alumni include the likes of Robyn, Tove Lo and Icona Pop, SVEA has started on the right foot and has since hit the ground running with her original material. SVEA seems to be rising fast and we’re in no doubt that if you’re a fan of Zara Larsson and Tove Lo then she is certainly one to be adding to your playlists.

Her music exudes powerful confidence layered with conviction and sex appeal as she maintains a level of maturity beyond her years, and expresses herself with an endearing degree of both relatability and vulnerability which is encapsulated in sweet R and B laced pop masterpieces.

We had the chance to chat with SVEA via email about her new track ‘Love Me Now’, what she thinks of the Zara Larsson comparisons, her love for Rihanna and more.

Tell us about how it was growing up for you and how you got into music?

I grew up in in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve had some rough patches here and there but music has always been something I can rely on. I started singing in my church choir when I was around 6 years old and since then my passion for music just expanded. I went to music school for 6 years and it wasn’t until last year that I started writing music. 

Who are your musical inspirations and the people you grew up listening to?

My biggest musical inspiration is Rihanna. I’ve been a big fan ever since I saw her concert in London 2013. I love her style and sound because it’s so unique yet still very hooky. I also get inspired by Robyn, Lauryn Hill and Tove Lo. I love that all of these women are doing their own thing and also the fact that they’re really good role models for young girls.

You recently released your incredible new single ‘Love Me Now’, what was the inspiration behind the song and how did it come about?

The inspiration behind “Love Me Now” was like all my other songs, taken from my own personal life. I had recently got out of a long-term relationship where I never felt like I could be myself. So, when we first started writing the song I told my co-writers about the relationship and how it had affected me. A lot of my other songs are about being independent and therefore we tried to turn all the bad things from the relationship into something good. Instead of focusing on what had happened during the relationship, we tried to put the focus on the fact that I had got out of it. 

 And ‘Love Me Now’ was released quite quickly after your debut EP, which was only released earlier in the year, what was the decision behind this and will this single be part of a bigger project?

My plan has always been to release a lot of music and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I love writing music, even though I haven’t done it for too long and I want to release as much as I can so people can really get to know me both as an artist and a songwriter – and follow my development. I’m also planning on releasing another EP this year and “Love Me Now” is definitely gonna be a part of that one.  

Mentioning projects, your debut EP ‘This Is’ dropped in February how was it putting out that into the world?

It was truly amazing! Like I mentioned earlier, my goal is to put out a lot of music and “This is” is just the beginning of that. Also, a few of the songs on “This is” is the first songs I’ve ever written in my life, like “Die For You”. Which means a lot to me, cause people who listens to my music gets to be a part of the whole journey. 

Which song means the most to you from that project, and why?

I think this question is one of the hardest ones, cause all of my songs mean a lot to me. They also mean different things to me, because they are about different periods of my life. But if I have to say I love my song “Stranger”. I always get emotional when I listen to that song because I remember the day we wrote it so clearly. I remember that everything just felt spot on, that I can connect with every single word in that song. 

Did you have any specific inspirations or theme’s in mind when you were creating the EP?

I didn’t really, no. It was more about what I was going through in that period of my life and I was all about turning everything into self-love which kind of became the centre of the EP, but it was not intentionally. 

And how did you choose which tracks would end up on the final tracklisting and which would end up as singles?

Everything happened really naturally. The day I wrote “Don’t Mind Me” I remember speaking with my manager and we both said that it was going to be my first single, no doubts. Then the same thing with “Selfish”. All the songs on the EP were also our favourites at the time and therefore we chose them. Of course, it was hard to choose, because I had been in the studio every single day, writing over a hundred songs. But I think you somehow know when you know if that makes sense haha! 

You clearly have a lot of talent, is there a go-to method of making music for you, or a preferred process?

First of all, thank you and yes I think I found a very effective way and also suits me the best. I like to be in a room with a producer and another songwriter, aside from myself, that I feel comfortable with. That both gives me space to keep learning and developing but also gives me a lot of energy. I feel like writing music is all about energy and making something beautiful together. I’ve found out that I do it best when I get to do it with people that inspire me and who I have a really good time with.

Your sound is similar to other amazing pop girls like Zara Larsson and Tove Lo, how do you feel about these comparisons and what do you think makes you different?

I see that as a compliment because I think both Zara Larsson and Tove Lo are absolutely amazing! I could understand the comparison and would probably see myself somewhere in between, but bit more influenced by R&B. So far I’ve written every song I’ve released whilst only been writing songs almost a half year before my first release, so I’m just very raw and honest as I can be in my lyrics. I think my lyrics identify me quite a lot and I’m just doing music I love. But you’d always get inspired by other artists music, and those two has definitely inspired me. 

Touching on social media, do you ever feel pressure to look or be a certain way online to maintain a particular ‘Image’?

Not really. I try to be myself as much as I can on social media because I don’t want people to look up to someone/get inspired by someone who’s not showing a real image of themselves. But of course, it can be hard sometimes, because people like to think so much about how you look. But I feel like, as long as I’m true to myself I have nothing to worry about.

How does it feel being in the industry at such a young age? and what do you do to make sure you don’t get lost in the madness of everything?

I haven’t thought a lot about it, but I think it’s great that a lot of new artists are young cause it’s the new generation, and I believe in this generation. I think we have a lot of good things to say and that we’re going to do so many great things. I haven’t been in the industry for that long so I can’t really say that I’ve felt lost yet, but I think it’s important to have people around you that know you and support you through anything, which I feel like I have.

What scares you the most about being on the rise to becoming an international star?

I think I’m most scared of losing myself because I have, so many times before. But like I just said, I feel like I have so many great people in my life right now. Both from work, friends and family. And I really trust these people and I know that they have my back like I have theirs.

I know that you’ve opened up for Jess Glynne before, how was that experience for you?

It was also one of the best nights ever, and I think she’s amazing, so it was great to share the same stage with her and her whole band were really sweet to us. I had such a fun time on stage and it just made me feel like home. Like this is what I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life. 

What’s your favourite thing about being on stage and do you prefer being on stage or in the studio?

I think the two compliments each other. I wouldn’t want to be just in the studio or on stage, I want to do them both. My favourite thing about being on stage is that I can be whoever I want up there. No one can tell me how I should act or what’s right and wrong. Up there, I can be myself and do the thing I love the most in this world – singing! 

If you had to make a super girl group with 2 other female artists, who would you choose and why?

I would probably choose Robyn and Tove Lo. I think we would have so much fun and I think we could write so many great songs. Also, I feel like I have a lot in common with them both. I grew up with Robyn’s music and I’ve always felt connected to her songs. Tove Lo is someone who’s music I found when I was a bit older, but after hearing her talk about her childhood and everything she’s been through I felt really close to her and her music because I’ve been through similar things as a child. Also they both are fucking amazing girls and therefore I think we all would make a super group. 

 And what are 3 songs which you love listening to right now?

 My top 3 songs right now are “While We’re Young” with Jhene Aiko, “Trying to Be Good” by MØ and my all-time favourite “Needed Me” by queen Rihanna!

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?

I think playing my first headline gig, opening for Jess Glynne, playing on the X Factor in Denmark and also being in the studio writing great music with so many talented people. I played at Brilliant Minds too, which definitely is one of the highlights of this year.  

Lastly, what are you most excited for in the upcoming year?

Definitely all the new music I’m gonna release! Oh gosh I can’t wait to show you guys everything I’ve been working on!!!

We’re huge fans of SVEA and are in no doubt that she’ll deservedly flourish into a globally sucessful recording in no time. SVEA just released her brand new single ‘Love Me Now’ and earlier this year released her sensational debut EP ‘This Is’ which can both be found on all major streaming platforms now.

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