SZA Goes To Camp CTRL in ‘Broken Clocks’ Music Video

SZA is the Camp CTRL leader in 'Broken Clocks' music video

SZA has unexpectedly dropped the music video to fan-favourite track, ‘Broken Clocks’, taken from her critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘CTRL’.


The music video to ‘Broken Clocks’, which was directed SZA and Dave Myers, is set at a summer camp called ‘Camp CTRL’. The music video commences with one of the camp members giving everyone a wake up call then quickly cuts to everyone starting their day at Camp CTRL.

We then see everyone get on with their day at camp by having food fights in the cafeteria to jumping into the camp lake. You’ll be wishing you were at Camp CTRL this summer. SZA herself can also be seen in various scenes throughout the music video, dressed as the camp’s leader whilst singing and dancing along to her track, ‘Broken Clocks’.

However, there is a huge plot twist towards the end of the music video as it seems SZA was hallucinating the entirety of Camp CTRL. SZA then comes around, waking up on the floor of a women’s toilets in a strip club. Two of SZA’s friends are with her, helping her come around and fix her bloody nose, to which then they reveal she got, ‘knocked the fuck out’.

The co-director to the ‘Broken Clocks’ music video, Dave Myers, also worked with SZA on her ‘Drew Barrymore’ music video:


SZA’s previous music video was to another fan-favourite track, ‘The Weekend’, this time directed by Solange Knowles. The music video received a mixed reaction from fans as it had so much potential to bring the song to life visually however, we just got SZA dancing in a car park. ‘The Weekend’ since received a Calvin Harris ‘Funk Wav Remix’, which received commercial success so all was forgiven.

We expected ‘Broken Clocks’ to receive a music video after SZA performed the track at high-profile events like SNL in December 2017 and at the Grammys 2018. Now with an accompanying music video, we’re really hoping ‘Broken Clocks’ gets the push it deserves as a single and we see SZA receive even more success in her music career. SZA was also the most-nominated female at the Grammys 2018, leading with five nominations.


SZA’s critically-acclaimed debut album CTRL is available now:


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