*HANDOUT* July 8th 2015: One Direction launch their global campaign action/1D highlighting 2015 as a year when the world can set the agenda to end extreme poverty and tackle inequality and climate change. The campaign aims at putting pressure on world leaders at two crucial world summits in New York in September and Paris in Dec, to commit to a better future for everyone. Action/1D will give young people across the world the chance to add their voices to global conversations about the future of people and planet in order to achieve the best possible development and climate frameworks. Fans are asked to describe the kind of world they want to live in by sharing powerful pieces of creative content, including film and photos using the #action1D hashtag. In early September, the pieces of content gathered as part of the action/1D campaign will be revealed at a global premiere ahead of the unveiling of the final sustainable development framework at the UN in New York. One Direction said: âTime and again our fans have shown how creative and powerful they can be when they unite and thatâs why we want to all join together to speak out and hopefully make a real and lasting change to the world around us. âYoung people really do have the power to help end poverty, tackle inequality and to stop dangerous climate change. Now is the time for us to unite, take action and raise our voices to show that we care about the future of our planet.â

Taking Action With One Direction

July 27th marked the last date for the releases of One Direction’s #Action1D campaign, finishing strong with what type of world Harry Styles would like to live in.

When the campaign kicked off at the beginning of the month it seemed like this was going to be the start of something amazing, and fresh for not only the boys, but the fans.  It was quickly overshadowed by the rumors of Louis Tomlinson becoming a father, and has lived in the dark eve since due to media outlets only reporting on bogus stories with no real confirmation.  That’s neither here nor there because this is not a piece to further feed into dramatics, this is to serve as a reminder that we know who the boys are, and only by promoting positivity can we really allow everyone else to get to know them too.

“2015 is a year like no other and we want you to really make it count.  You guys are truly amazing and over the years you’ve shown us what you can really achieve if you rally together.  With two historic summits in September and December world leaders will make decision that affect important human issues; like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.  So now is the time for us all to have our say, to take action, and to raise our voices to show that we care.  We can be part of something that actually makes a difference to our future and helps people who need the support.  Time and time again you’ve show us how incredible, passionate, and creative you all are and now we want to ask you to come together with us and use that to make a change for good.  Please will you join us to put pressure on our leaders, all you need to do is tell us what you want your world to look like in the future.  You can make videos or send us pics, it’s easy, just complete one of the actions listed on our site.  Become part of Action 1D, make your voice heard, and make 2015 the year we change our futures forever.”

Louis’ video was the first single one released:

“I want to live in a world where every child can see a doctor when they’re sick. I want every child to have the same chance that I did. Even now lots of children can’t get treatment for basic illnesses; an upset stomach, a cough, things like these can be killers without the right medicine. We know how to treat these illnesses, so let’s do it now.”

Followed by Niall and Liam’s:

“We want to live in a world where every young person has the same chance to fulfill their dreams.  Could you live on one pound a day?  I don’t think I could but that’s the reality for one out of seven people in the world every day.  It must mean some tough choices, food or rent, fuel or school books.  How are they ever going to escape poverty if they have to spend all their time and energy just surviving?  It’s unfair and we need to change it.”

And then Harry’s message:

“I want to live in a world where every child can go to school.  I really loved my school days.  When we went to Ghana we met children who’s only dream was to get an education.  At the moment they have to work all day every day just to earn enough to eat.  Going to school could literally change their lives, but for now all they have to look forward to is a life of struggle, and they deserve so much more.”

The serious and somber nature of the videos is not something we usually see with our boys, but it’s something that shows the severity of the issues they’re describing. When you really think of what each of them want, it almost seems silly that there’s even a need to ask for it, but there is, and it’s greater than any of us know.

This is who the boys are, this is what One Direction is; a group of young men who were thrown into stardom and have kept their hearts, their souls, and their spirits in spite of everything around them.  They’re a group of young men who are using their fame to try to bring real change to the world they live in, to the world we all live in.  It’s refreshing, it’s honest, and its the side of the boys I wish everyone got to see.

The rumor mill will always surround them, there will always be a media outlet hungry for a story or a buck and unfortunately the boys are easy to throw under the bus, but we know who they are, so join them, and us, and take part in #Action1D.  Make your own video messages, tweet them to us at @thecelebmix and help us spread the word that the boys are more than a dating scandal, they’re more than a pregnancy rumor, they’re more than some selfish young pop stars.  One Direction is a band, but the boys behind the music have hearts of gold, and as their fan base, it’s our time to use our voices to not only demand change in our world, but to demand that the world changes the way they see One Direction, the way they see Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall.

I asked a few friends to help join the action and here are some tweets that were shared with me personally.

@ellavisions – I want to live in a world where mental health is acknowledged the same way serious illnesses are, instead of stigmatized.

@skittleloves617 – I want to live in a world where people don’t judge others and are happy for others.

@DiDi1192 – I want to live in a world where people are free to love who they want to love.

@edwinaadina83 – I want to live in a world where you don’t have to be afraid because of your race.

@Louisheartsme – I want to live in a world where my best friend can marry his boyfriend and have the same rights as I do.

So thanks again; Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall, for reaching out to us and using your voices to inspire others to make a great change.  Thank you for always staying true to yourselves as best as you can in your situation, and thank you for being shining examples of what young adults should strive to be.  You mix class and elegance and fun and youth all in the best way and it’s incredible to get to be a fan of yours.  We look forward to helping with #Action1D and changing the world with you.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.