TALIA Releases A Live Version of "Johnny Bait"

TALIA Releases A Live Version of “Johnny Bait”

The punk rock band, TALIA (Thugs They Look Like Angels), recently released a live music video for “Johnny Bait” off of their self titled album Thugs They Look Like Angels. The live video takes place at The Whisky a Gogo in Hollywood, California, where they opened for Soul Asylum. Watching the music video, it’s easy to see that the group loves what they do.

A funny moment by the end of the video is when lead vocalist, Nicolas Costa, looks at his hand and jokingly says, “That was “Johnny Bait” and I’m bleeding now.”

TALIA Releases A Live Version of "Johnny Bait"
Live at Whisky a Gogo

This is the band’s third album, after previously releasing Cockroach Killer in 2008, Permanent Midlife Crisis in 2013, and Thugs They Look Like Angels this year. TALIA is still scheduled to open for Nashville Pussy in 2017 in France.

If you like 90’s rock band  Hole, The Pixies, and/or Nirvana, you may be interested in this band!

Thugs They Look Like Angels is available now. You can purchase the album HERE.

Track listing:
1. American Bride
2. Play Dead
3. It’s been oh so long
4. Johnny Bait
5. Self Induced Fever
6. High Strung
7. The Flood
8. Over The Line
9. Dog Blood
10. Bounty Killers

Check out their live version of”Johnny Bait” below:

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