Talii goes back to her Trinidadian heritage on dancehall-inspired single ‘Front Seat’

Talii releases latest single ‘Front Seat’ ahead of upcoming debut EP, expected to drop in 2019.

Branding her style as “somewhere between R&B and Neo-Soul’, ‘Front Seat’ sees Talii’s unique sound carried forward with a dancehall production. For fans of other artists playing with the sounds of the Caribbean, ‘Front Seat’ wouldn’t be misplaced on a Major Lazer record, the 25-year-old’s latest track is a tasty summer flick.

“Let you in my life, you can take the lead, I’ll slide over, you can have the front seat”, Talii sings on ‘Front Seat’, as she lets her true self take control. “The title refers to moving your ego out of the driver’s seat and allowing your true self to take the wheel,” she divulges, “it’s a representation of appreciating and loving the person I’m becoming…it reflects my growth and evolution not only musically but within my life overall”.

Following on from 2018’s funky ‘Mouth’ and debut single ‘Lost’, whose Kameo remix has over 200,000 Spotify streams alone, ‘Front Seat’ is the latest from the breakthrough artist. Naming influences including Erykah Badu, Sade and H.E.R., Talii is a breath of fresh air for fans.

Born and raised in Orlando with a musically-gifted family, Talii was surrounded by performers and musicians from a young age. Songwriting since the age of seven-years-old, 2019’s exciting upcoming debut EP has been a long time coming.

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