Tana Mongeau: Youtube’s Newest ‘It’ Girl

At only 17 years old, Tana Mongeau might just be the fastest growing YouTube celebrity to date. Her channel was created almost exactly one year ago, yet she’s quickly approaching 1,000,000 subscribers, a feat that most YouTubers take years to reach.

Tana’s channel is a little something out of the ordinary. While most YouTubers make things like daily vlogs, clothing hauls, apartment tours, or other things that often show off their extravagant life, Tana takes a different approach.

She does the occasional Q&A, with a few hauls thrown in there from time to time, but her main focus is story time videos.

To most, the idea of a story time video might come off as a bit boring. Is there really anything that interesting about watching some random girl you’ve never met tell you a pointless, 10-minute story about some irrelevant situation that went on during her day?

When it comes to Tana? Yes.

While many YouTubers will put on a fake persona, with a sweet, calm voice, and a strategically set up backdrop to their videos, Tana doesn’t do this. She’s unapologetically herself, and that’s what makes her so likeable.

From videos about creepy Uber drivers, to stories about getting scammed out of concert tickets, Tana’s videos are so relatable, viewers constantly find themselves saying “Yes!!! That’s happened to me!!! I know how that feels!!!” Her audiences ability to connect on a personal level, combined with her loud, brash personality makes watching her videos an experience for viewers.

And her signature catch phrases like “What do you mean?!” and “I’m a literal child” will eventually become part of her viewers everyday vocabulary.

Tana’s comedic timing is great, with quick sarcastic comments being thrown out at ease. She accepts the fact that the general public may view her as a dumb blonde, but easily proves that notion wrong with her intellect and whit. She gets quite a bit of criticism, to say the least, but one can tell how strong and confident she is by the way she brushes it off like it’s nothing. And the best part of it all, she just really loves her fans, and never lets them forget it. She knows that her viewers are the ones who have gotten her to where she is, and she makes sure to remind them how thankful she is for them just about every day.

If you want to check out Tana’s channel, you can watch her videos here.

Written by CelebMix