#7DaysofTanyaG – A Look Back On Tanya G’s “Can’t Feel Your Love”

So far this week, we have been highlighting Tanya G’s new release “I Will Survive”, but today we have decided to turn the time back a little bit further to look at her debut single “Can’t Feel Your Love”. 

We asked Tanya about the background of the song. “This track was sent to me by a producer called Urban Soul. There were elements in the track that I liked and elements that I didn’t like. So I did a complete rewrite of the song and made it about a feeling that I was experiencing at the time,” she said. 

“This, of course, was based on a relationship where just wasn’t feeling the love from this person. Although they would say the words “I love you” there was no feeling there.” 

Tanya also worked with the producer Paleface, who produced Kyla’s track ‘Do You Mind’, which is the same track that has been sampled in ‘One Dance’ by Drake. Paleface produced the remix of Tanya’s debut single ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’. 

Tanya has also mentioned in the past that she’ll like to collaborate with some reggae artists on her debut album and is already promising some more collaborations, that we will be hearing soon. Super Exciting!

Check out “Can’t Feel Your Love” on Tanya’s Soundcloud now! 

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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