#7DaysOfTanyaG – Everything you need to know about Tanya G

To celebrate the release of Tanya G’s first solo music video for her single “I Will Survive”, which we premiered last night, we decided to find out more of the artist’s’ background, what her new music is like and what her most embarrassing moment was.

From starting her career with the dancing crew “Platinum”, to going to head-to-head with track/melodies in the studio; this artist who believes that “Anything is Possible” has proven that by touring with A-list artists, such as N-Dubz, Pussycat Dolls, Tinie Tempah and that is just a few to mention. From joining the feisty girl group “Fe-Nix” and being heavily involved with Universal Records; one might say Tanya has created quite a handful of memories and achievements to be proud of. 

What was Tanya’s first musical memory?

Her first ever musical memory was when she was 4 years old!

“I can remember when I was about 4 and my mother would always get me to perform to people who came to our house to visit. I remember standing on the kitchen table wearing cowboy boots, holding a salt and pepper shaker as if it was a microphone and just singing into it.”

What are Tanya’s best & worst qualities as a singer/songwriter?

When asked this question, she often says that her best quality is her voice, as it’s very versatile and she can even adapt her voice to suit various genres/songs. Which we believe is true, as she often covers songs performed by Amy Winehouse and Adele to name a few. 

“My worst quality is sometimes I will write half a song and then lose interest in it. I also have to write early in the morning for the best results. I don’t know why haha..”

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to Tanya?

When she at the Carnival one year and she was climbing over a fence to get to the other side of the street, Tanya buckled and went rolling into the parade. So many people saw her and started laughing. She was mortified! 

If she could go backwards or forwards in time, where would she go?

“I would go back to the time I moved out of my mum’s house. And I would never move out.”

What Tanya wants her listeners to take away from her music?

“I want them to feel good and I would like the lyrics to relate to them.”

Two items on her bucket list.

  1.     Travel into the Universe.
  2.     Have a number one Hit

Tanya’s favourite album?

“The Writing’s on the Wall” by Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey’s “No 1”.

What she is currently working on?

“I’m working on some new tracks at the moment with an old school garage feel, which will be added to my album.” 

Tanya’s favourite movie?

The Matrix

Tanya’s favourite book?

The ‘Twilight’ novels

Tanya’s favourite colour?


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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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