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Taylor Castro reveals deeply personal struggles with new single ‘Girl Afraid’

Taylor Castro’s press shot doesn’t prepare you for what her voice sounds like. Then again, few things could prepare you for the intensely soulful and full-bodied vocals on new single, ‘Girl, Afraid’, but perhaps the photo of a barefooted girl in a pink tutu sitting on a swing least of all.

Taylor Castro is not one to play by the rules.

Latest release ‘Girl, Afraid’ marks a change in direction for the Florida-based superstar, who first shot onto the scene with blissfully upbeat debut, PURE. Now, with ‘Girl, Afraid’ Taylor tells the truth about the deeply personal struggles she has been facing and the demons she has been battling her whole life. 

“PURE was who I wanted to be, without the OCD,” says Castro. “It is still who I am but I wasn’t being totally honest. I had tried to stuff my OCD back down inside me and I didn’t want to write about it. I felt like I wasn’t being true and it was time to address my issues on this record. OCD presents a constant fear and paranoia, so I want ‘Girl, Afraid’ to be a comfort for people who suffer from it as I do.”

This brave choice to draw back the curtain, on what seemed to be the perfect Florida life, has led to great things. Not only has Taylor proved that there can be strength in vulnerability, but has encouraged others to share their mental health story as well, using the hashtags #beaprincessagain and #royalsoul, creating a supportive online community on her Instagram profile. 

In uncertain times such as these, Castro may prove to be exactly the spokesperson we need. ‘Girl, Afraid’ marks a risky change in direction for the actress-turned-singer-turned-mental health advocate. However, it was undoubtedly a risk which has well and truly paid off.

Watch the official video below to see why.

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