Taylor Lautner joins Instagram


Whilst Taylor Lautner has taken an incredibly long time to join the world of ‘Instagram’, on the 18th of May, we welcomed him with open arms, as Taylor released his debut post which already gained him 500,000+ followers!

The minute-long video features guests such as Adam Sandler and David Spade who constantly shoot down all of Taylor’s ideas for his big debut, which includes the hunky stars insanely perfect back-flipping and a little bit of dabbing. He finally convinces Spade to help him out after pulling out the Swift card. That’s right, Lautner bribes Spade with Taylor Swift’s phone number which could only mean he still has them locked up safely in his phone… Awww.

Taylor has recently uploaded another post regarding his early golfing session… This deserves serious celebrations, as he hasn’t forgot about his Instagram already and we can only hope to be blessed with daily selfies such as this one! Taylor has never been one for social media and we can all finally release that big sigh of relief and enjoy watching Taylor’s life, picture by picture.

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Too early for golf ?

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All we can do now is stalk his Instagram on a daily basis and take in every gorgeous selfie he uploads because this is a moment we should never forget… Taylor Lautner has finally joined social media!! (Now, please pretty pretty please, make a Twitter!)

Are you guys as excited as we are about Taylor creating an Instagram?

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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