Taylor Swift Accused of Racist Music Video

Taylor Swift’s most recent music video, Wildest Dreams, has received scathing criticism for being ‘racist’ and based on a glamorous ‘white colonial fantasy’ of Africa.

Revealed during the MTV music awards on Sunday, the video has already had around 15 million hits on YouTube. Swapping her trademark blonde bob for a dark broody look, Swift plays the part of a 1950’s movie star alongside actor Scott Eastwood. Set in an undisclosed area of Africa, featuring giraffes, lions and zebras, all proceeds from the video are said to be going to African Parks Foundation of America. However, with a mainly white cast, the video has been accused of having racist overtones and portraying a ‘rich white fantasy’ of Africa.

Director Joseph Khan defended the video, adamant that it is ‘not a video about colonialism but a love story’ and that there was ‘no political agenda’. Swift herself is yet to comment on the criticism.

This is the second time that Taylor has found herself embroiled in a race-related controversy. In August 2014, critics quickly pointed out the racist nature of her attempts to break-dance in the video for Shake it off. Combined with these latest accusations, people are certainly starting to question her sweet girl-next-door image.


Written by CelebMix