Taylor Swift connects with fans on Tumblr following release of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Prior to the release of her latest smash hit single Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift shut down all of her social media accounts. She removed her profile pictures, bios, unfollowed everyone and even went as far as to delete all previous posts. Twitter? Yep. Instagram? Yep? Tumblr? Yep, although, not completely! Despite killing off all other social media accounts before completely rebranding, fans noticed that she still followed some beloved Swifties on Tumblr which, once again, reinforces the fact that she sees her relationship with her fans as “the best and longest relationship she’s ever had.”

Taylor is known for being active on Tumblr and for using the platform to connect with her fans. The phrase “Taylurking” was coined after Miss Swift began spending an increasingly large amount of time creeping on her fans’ accounts and liking their posts when they least expected it. And it seems she’s been doing a lot of Taylurking today.

Naturally, Taylor was excited to receive feedback on her new single from those whose opinions she values the most – her fans. So, she’s spent most of today liking their Tumblr posts and reading their thoughts on the already Grammy worthy song.

Taylor has liked over one thousand Tumblr posts from excitable fans, all of whom simply cannot keep their cool about the fact that Taylor actual Swift is BACK with new music. Fans took to Tumblr to cry, scream and release all their inhibitions upon hearing the song and to post reaction videos. They also dug deep into the meanings behind Taylor’s lyrics, made connections to her previous albums and made a lot of memes.

We’ll be the first to admit that we think the Swifty fanbase are hilarious so check out some side splittingly funny, (but also painfully relatable) Tumblr posts that Taylor liked so much that she just had to show her appreciation for them…












We think it’s great how, even after all these years, Taylor and her fans still have such an unbreakable bond. Did she like your post on Tumblr? Also, what are your thoughts on Look What You Made Me Do? Tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix