Taylor Swift covers May issue of Vogue

Pop sensation Taylor Swift will cover the upcoming issue of Vogue, her third time covering the magazine.

Swift, who is currently taking a hiatus for an unknown length of time in between albums, took to Twitter today to confirm the news previously revealed by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour this morning, sharing the official cover of the May issue, an edition of the magazine eagerly awaited as it also features a joint photo-shoot with model Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik.

Though Swift has adorned many a magazine cover in recent years, this will be the first on which she will sport her new, shorter bob, which was bleached even blonder than normal for the cover shoot and shares a resemblance to Sia. Then again, Taylor has never been one to shy away from reinvention, often making drastic changes to her hair styles in between albums, so that each era of music goes hand in hand with its own era of her.

Her once trademark curls might be gone, but it’s nice to see her trademark bright red lipstick hasn’t left her just yet!

The newest Vogue Interview sees Taylor Swift return to Reading, Pennsylvania, were she grew up, but were she says she has not been for 14 years since she persuaded her parents to move to Nashville so she could pursue her dream of singing (an decision which, whilst it probably seemed ludicrous at the time, clearly payed off!). She’s there for a very special event; to serve as Maid of Honour at her longtime friends wedding, and

“It’s such a surreal, emotional thing,” Swift told the interviewer. “When you’re a little kid, you’re riding the same roads to school every single day, hundreds of times. When you come back, you snap into that strange nostalgia.”

The cover proclaims that this if Taylor Swift like we’ve never seen her before, and the article available here certainly gives us a glimpse in to just that; we know so much about Taylor’s life now, shared with us through her music or the incessant press and paparazzi that watch her every move, but the article gives a rare glimpse in to what her life used to be like before the Taylor Swift who dreamed of making music became the Taylor Swift who’s music went multiplatinum.

Talk also turns to whats next for Miss Swift, who’s previous Album release pattern would mean we were due an album in autumn this year. That’s still a possibility, she says, noting that “jump[ing] back into the studio, and all of a sudden the next record is started.“ is still an option, but she is enjoying what she says is “The first time in ten years” that she hasn’t known what she would do next, and her hopes to “Live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something”. 

Though it’s hardly an official confirmation, the hope of a new Taylor Swift album coming at the end of the year seems to be fading fast.

Also discussed are Taylor’s roll as Co-chair at this years MET Gala, “Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”, her position as a Style Icon and whether she would ever turn her hand to designing, and the short-term goals she aims to fulfil during her hiatus, as well as revisiting the Media Witch Hunt she was subject to a few years back as a result of her relationships.

Well, the cover did promise an interview that would show us Taylor Swift as we’ve never seen her before, and with such intimate, behind the scenes coverage of everything from her best friends wedding to her revisiting her home town, Vogue certainly delivered on that promise.

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Written by CelebMix