Taylor Swift dismissed from jury duty

Rumours about superstar Taylor Swift skipping Sunday’s VMA’s to avoid running into Kanye West were quickly shut down when it turned out that miss Swift was actually busy fulfilling her civic duty in Nashville, Tennessee.

Yesterday, pictures surfaced of Swift reporting for jury duty on an aggravated rape and kidnapping case, kindly posing with fellow potential jurors.


It now turns out however that Taylor won’t actually be part of the jury. The ongoing sexual assault case against a radio DJ who is accused of ‘groping’ her backstage that she is involved in in Denver, Colorado, might provide a conflict of interest. The Davidson County district judge agreed to dismiss her from duty, after Taylor herself asked to be left off the jury out of concern for the upcoming trial in Denver.

Meanwhile at the VMA’s, Kanye did briefly mention Taylor in his speech, which you can read in full here.


Written by CelebMix