Taylor Swift Finds Herself In ‘Out Of The Woods’ Music Video

Taylor Swift has released her highly anticipated music video for her sixth single from her chart topping album 1989, ‘Out Of The Woods.’


Taylor Swift Finds Herself In 'Out Of The Woods' Music Video 2

Directed by Taylor’s friend and long term collaborator Joseph Kahn, responsible for some of Taylor’s best videos such as the VEVO record breaking Bad Blood, and Blank Space, Taylor is seen in a gorgeous blue dress, crawling through mud, being chased by a pack of wolves, and attacked by animated tree branches. Talk about a hard day’s work!

The music video begins with the words ‘She Lost Him’ plastered across the screen, and ends with ‘She Lost Him, But Found Herself, And Somehow That Was Everything.’  The same quote shown at the end of ‘The 1989 World Tour.’ As always, Swifties across the globe are freaking out over the beautiful video shot in New Zealand, and have taken to Tumblr to express their feelings.

Observant Swifties are already analysing her symbols within the video only hours after it’s release, with some guessing that “rapid scene changes, branches and submerging into water” is symbolic of her feeling trapped ‘in the woods.’

After years of Taylor Swift being dragged and ridiculed by the public and media, it is reassuring for fans to know that now she has ‘found herself’ and is happy at where she is in her life, and has decided to use 2016 as a ‘break’ from the industry.

Watch the incredible music video for Out Of The Woods

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