Taylor Swift just gave her fan a memorable wedding gift!

The wedding day is the most important day in the relationship of any couple. They are the celebrities of the day and all the attention in the world is given to them. A memorable gift is just an icing on the cake. For Max Singer, the day became unforgettable when his guest list included none other than Taylor Swift.

Max Singer is Swift’s longtime fan and when his sister Ali sent Taylor a request to attend her brother’s wedding, the singer responded in affirmative. She made a trip to the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, N.J., to attend the marriage of Max Singer and Kenya Smith. As reported by Billboard,

“Ali sent a letter to Swift to tell her about the couple marrying in the hospital prior to their June 4 celebration — so that their mother would not miss her son’s wedding before she passed away. Swift’s “Blank Space” was mom and son’s first dance song.”

Taylor shared a picture of herself with the couple which she captioned “Congratulations Max and Kenya!!”


Check out the pics and the Snapchat video of her performance as she sang her hit single “Blank Space” at the wedding.


Not only this, the singer went a step ahead and gave the bride a handmade gift. The gift had a line from her song “Blank Space”:

“So, it’s gonna be forever”

Fans do a lot for their favorite artists so it’s pleasant to see when the affection and the kind gestures are reciprocated. Taylor loves her fans and misses no opportunity to show it to them.

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