Why Taylor Swift is Your Perfect Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, while some of us are spending it alone, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some damn good valentines (in our imaginations, of course).

Who better to ring in the love fest of the new year than Taylor Swift? Yes, this country-turned-pop star is all sorts of cool and seems like the type to have careless (but safe) fun. Whether it’s her contagious dance moves, romantic lyrics or her cats, we’d like to RSVP a valentine’s date with her.

It’s quite coincidental that Taylor is taking a bit of a hiatus from music this year. Her break means her schedule must have somewhat opened up…

As we wait for a reply, take a look at our five reason why Taylor Swift is the perfect valentine’s date.

5. Her lyrics

It’s not really a secret that Taylor knows how to pen a good song. Even those opposed to pop music can’t deny her writing credibility. The music maestro is also notorious for misheard lyrics (Starbucks lovers, anyone?) but somehow, she still makes them sound legitimately artistic.

There’s this dreamy line from Style:

“When we go crashing down, we come back every time… We never go out of style.”

This line from Wildest Dreams gives us nostalgic shivers:

“Say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

And let’s not forget this Clean showstopper:

“…When I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe.”

In summary, sing to us, Taylor. Please.

4. Her confidence

Possibly one of the greatest character development stories is Taylor Swift, with her new-found carefree attitude. Following the release of 1989, fans saw their idol blossoming with confidence, in both her self-choreographed dance moves and autonomous artistic direction.

Why Taylor Swift Is Your Perfect Valentine 1

Another dancing Taylor gif can’t go astray..

Why Taylor Swift Is Your Perfect Valentine 2

Interviews with the pop star never seemed so vibrant, ever since her long curls got the chop and she swapped her acoustic guitar for boisterous synthesisers. Taylor never hesitates to tell it like it is, as evident in this banger of an interview:

  [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us1CudkeC4I]

Need we say more?

3. Her social media posts

Taylor is no stranger to social media and it’s clear she knows how to coax a reaction out of the tech generation. Over the years, her Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts have blossomed as she has.


Throwbacks are always great so this Instagram post sure did make us grin.


And let’s not forget this beauty of a video! Idina Menzel, Let It Go, reindeer dancers and a costume change — pure perfection.


On top of all that Insta-goodness, Taylor also has a knack for tweeting covers of her songs. We can now bask in the beauty that is a Bad Blood/Wildest Dreams mashup.

2. Her activism

Not afraid of expressing her opinions, Taylor Swift has been at the centre of many controversial debates, including feminism and music streaming. User of memes, Taylor manages to effortlessly debunk not only stereotypes of herself, but also the broader girl community, which cops a lot of flack in the media for wardrobe choices and being a general boss.

Exhibit A: Some news outlet decided to shine a negative light on this musician and Taylor just wasn’t having any of it. The tweet from said news outlet has since been removed, but we see you.


Exhibit B: She takes those people head on, citing sexism in the industry as a factor into why she has become known as a “serial dater” in the media.

Exhibit C: And of course, the great boycott of Apple Music. (She has since formed a mutually beneficial partnership with Apple Music.)

She wrote in a Tumbr post:

“This is not about me… This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not… be paid for a quarter of a year’s worth of plays on his or her songs.”

Her strong stance against Apple Music’s three month free trial — use of which would not see played artists paid — and historically, Spotify, has stirred conversation. A controversial conversation, but an important one if the music industry is to survive in the digital age.

As a result of her Tumblr post, Apple decided to pay artists for the quarter of a year’s worth of plays and Taylor allowed her catalogue back on to the music streaming service.

1. Her cats

Cats are wonderful. Taylor is wonderful. Together, that’s a whole lot of wonderful, right? Two felines by the name of Olivia and Meredith have graced their owner’s social media accounts and everybody is rejoicing.





We must admit, the cats don’t look too impressed with Taylor’s phone camera being all up in their pink noses, but maybe that’s just a cat thing?

There you have it: five reasons why Taylor Swift is our perfect valentine. Nobody’s perfect — and Taylor is no exception — but she is evidently a diamond in the rough. From intelligence to humour, we can’t get enough of her. Oh, did we mention Taylor appeared in a film by the name of… Valentine’s Day? It all just adds up.

Why Taylor Swift Is Your Perfect Valentine 4

Now that we’ve given you five reasons why Taylor Swift is our perfect valentine, give us your reasons! Comment below or tweet us at @CelebMix.

Written by Uyen