Taylor Swift Releases Christmas Tune, ‘Christmas Tree Farm’

Well, Twitter was right again! After some speculation, Taylor Swift has released a new Christmas song. “Christmas Tree Farm” talks about growing on a farm in Reading, PA.

The video is filled with home videos from her childhood on the farm where we see her memories with her dad (Scott), mom (Andrea), and brother (Austin).

Swift first announced the song via Instagram when she consulted the itty bitty pretty kitty committee AKA her cats about releasing a song she just wrote. Needless to say, our excitement was greater than her cats’.

Swift has always been a big fan of Christmas and growing up surrounded by Christmas trees is probably a big reason.

Fans have been speculating that she was releasing a Christmas song for a while now.

Back when the “ME!” music video came out, Swift pointed out that the Christmas tree was a clue for something else. While there is a line, “We could leave the Christmas lights up til January” in her song, “Lover” this clue may have been about “Christmas Tree Farm.”

When she posted photos from her VOGUE UK photoshoot, Swift captioned a photo, “Bored girl at a holiday party” which fueled the fire even more. Earlier in the year, she captioned a photo “Step into the daylight and let it go” which turned out to be a lyric from her song, ‘Daylight.’

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Bored girl at the holiday party.

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Then on Tumblr, she reblogged a post with 12 Christmas trees.

From Christmas trees and colors in the “Lover” video to the “Lover” snowglobe, to wearing full green on SNL, how could you not see it coming?

Although Swift said she just wrote the song a few weeks ago, fans think she may have another Christmas album or EP coming because of the above clues. She tends to release things on her birthday, December 13th, and although she is playing New York’s Jingle Ball, it’s her 30th so something big is probably coming.

This is not the first time, Swift has released Christmas music. In 2007, she came out with an EP, The Tayor Swift Holiday Collection with two originals songs and four covers.

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Written by Brittany Sims

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