Taylor Swift shares a live version of Wildest Dreams…with a twist!

Taylor Swift showed on her last tour, The 1989 World Tour, that she’s not afraid to add a new twist to an old (or not so old) song, mixing up versions of her prior hits like Love Story, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble, as well as adding extended instrumentals or dance breaks to her newer songs, like she did with Bad Blood, Out of the Woods and Blank Space. But now, she just took her remix game and upped it!

Late last year she gave a live show at the Grammy museum, where she performed an exclusive set list that has yet to be heard in it’s entirety. So far we have only seen her performance of “Out of the woods“, which was slowed down and performed on a piano, but today Taylor has shared another exclusive video from that day, this time a revamped version of her single Wildest Dreams.

Posted to Twitter to her (almost) 70 million followers with the simple caption “Say you’ll remember me…”, a reference to one of the songs lyrics, the video sent the Taylor Swift fandom in to a frenzy as they shared and downloaded the new, revamped version.

Performed on the 1980 tour in a piano mashup with her song Enchanted, a fan favourite from her third album Speak Now, fans were used to seeing a slightly different version of Wildest Dreams than the one on the album, but Taylor’s kicked it up a notch with this new version performed on an electric guitar!

The first few notes were reminiscent of her 2012 song Ronan, a heart-wrenching ballad released in support of Stand Up For Cancer, but this version of Wildest Dreams is less likely to move you to tears, as great as it may be, and has a very different tone!

It’s not quite such a drastic change as the Grammy Museum performance of Out of the Woods, since Wildest Dreams keeps the same tempo and melody as the original and Taylor only adjusts the instrument on which she performs it, but it does give a different vibe, and even more excitingly seems to point to the fact that Taylor sharing her performances from that day with her fans was not a one-time-only thing.

Is there a song of Taylor’s you want to see given the Grammy Museum treatment and released online with a revamp? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix