Taylor Swift’s Romantic Tour with Tom Hiddleston Continues

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were spotted (again!) in Rome this past week as they explored the Italian capital hand in hand and shared an intimate meal together. The pair was pictured as they walked around the city hand in hand and then shared a kiss inside the Colosseum. After that, they shared another affectionate moment later in the evening, when they had dinner in a local restaurant.

Their every step was followed closely by an entourage that included their bodyguards, a few policemen, a trail of excited fans and, of course, sneaky paparazzi.

They caught them sipping champagne, right before Tom gently kissed her hand with smitten smile in a scene that looked taken straight out of Swift’s music videos or a 50s romantic comedy.

Taylor and Tom enjoyed the hot Italian summer the way not even Audrey Hepburn did – hopping on a helicopter ride instead of a scooter.

The British tabloid The Sun broke the news of their relationship around two weeks ago, when they published a set of pictures that saw them hugging, walking hand in hand and finally kissing on the rocks in Rhode Island.

However, a video of them dancing together at Met Gala had surfaced a few weeks prior, prompting speculation that their secret relationship started before Taylor’s split with Calvin Harris after 15 months of dating.

Either way, after Rhode Island, their romance has seemed to move exceptionally fast, accurately documented by the press. They were seen together at Selena Gomez’s concert in Nashville two weeks ago, then enjoying a romantic dinner in the same city. Soon after that, they flew to England so that Taylor could meet Tom’s mother. 

Calvin Harris seemingly didn’t take that too well. According to TMZ, in fact, he finds it ‘laughable’ that Taylor has already met Tom’s family when she’d never met his: apparently, he wanted Taylor to meet his parents, who also live in the U.K., but Taylor “always told him it was too far away.”

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Written by CelebMix