Taylor Swift’s Surprising UK Top 10

She may be one of the best selling artists in the world, but surprisingly Taylor Swift has never had a UK Number One single. Her last two album releases – 1989 and Red – both debuted at number one, but no single from either album has managed to do the same. With help from the Official Charts Company, here are the top 10 singles of Taylor’s career according to their peak chart positions in the UK:

10. Both Of Us (collab with B.o.B) (peak position: 22, weeks on chart: 5)
Surprisingly entering higher than well known Swift tracks such as Mine, Red, or Wildest Dreams, this collaboration with B.o.B is Taylor’s tenth most successful chart position in the UK. Featuring on B.o.B’s 2012 album ‘Strange Clouds’, it is also her third most most successful collaboration to date.


9. Style (peak position: 21, weeks on chart: 19)
Not even cracking the top 20, Style, the third single off the best-selling 1989, only peaked at 21. The song was recently brought back to our attention with the release of One Direction’s suspiciously similar sounding ‘Perfect’, which is rumoured to be about Taylor.


8. 22 (peak position: 9, weeks on chart: 24)
This fun-loving track from ‘Red’ just about made it into the top ten. 22 is about forgetting all your problems and enjoying your youth while you’re in it. The song was inspired by Taylor’s friends whose names are spelled out in the lyrics for the song in the album booklet – the two most recognizable of which were Selena Gomez and former Glee star Dianna Agron.


7. Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran (peak position: 7, weeks on chart: 17)
This chill track was always going to do well considering it was a collaboration of two of the most famous singer-songwriters on the planet. Everything Has Changed is Taylor’s second most successful collaboration to date, but despite joining forces with Ed Sheeran the song failed to reach the number one spot in any country.


6. Bad Blood (peak position: 4, weeks on chart: 16)
The video for Bad Blood was a cinematic masterpiece including almost all our fave females, going on to break the 24 hour Vevo viewing record, but unfortunately the single didn’t have the same success. The song was the subject of controversy over Taylor’s feud with Katy Perry. Bad Blood is Taylor’s most successful collaboration, as Kendrick Lamar features on the remixed single version.


5. Blank Space (peak position: 4, weeks on chart: 30)
Taylor’s response to the media’s version of her, Blank Space is probably known for one of two things: the overly dramatic music video, or the misheard ‘Starbucks lovers’ lyric. The song addresses the media created, ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’ version of Taylor that we have all read about in magazines through the years, and shows them that regardless of what they say, she’s always going to come out on top.


4. We Are Never Getting Back Together (peak position: 4, weeks on chart: 33)
The lead single from ‘Red’ and anthem for anyone who has just ended things with their significant other – trust me, I’ve been at karaoke with a friend after a break-up – We Are Never Getting Back Together is the second most successful single from Taylor’s 2012 release.


3. I Knew You Were Trouble (peak position: 2, weeks on chart: 40)
Anyone who has been to see the 1989 World Tour will know that this song is an experience. The most successful single from her 2012 album ‘Red’, I Knew You Were Trouble is undoubtedly one of Taylor’s best known songs. This dubstep-esque track was a surprise for fans who were used to a more country-pop sound, but her break from the norm worked as it’s the closest Taylor’s ever got to the UK Number One spot.


2. Love Story (peak position: 2, weeks on chart: 44)
The breakthrough single from her album Fearless, Love Story – a musical retelling and modern interpretation of the classic Romeo and Juliet – was Taylor’s first hit single way back in 2009. The video shows a fresh faced 18 year old Taylor playing the role of a princess waiting on her prince charming, a story we know all too well.


1.Shake It Off (peak position: 2, weeks on chart: 50)
The most infectious song of 2014 and lead single from 1989, Shake It Off is Taylor’s most successful single to date. Who wasn’t singing the infuriatingly catchy chorus to this track every hour of every day last year? With almost a year on the chart and over one billion views of the music video, Shake It Off is an instant feel-good classic that we won’t be shaking off anytime soon, so understandably this is Taylor’s most successful single ever.

While Taylor may not have had a UK number one single yet, she certainly has the staying power, with most of her singles remaining within the chart for upwards of five months. Her Vevo channel on YouTube has more than seven billion views – almost one view for every single person on the planet – so it seems that Taylor Swift has almost achieved world domination. With that level of success, we’re sure that she isn’t fretting too much over not having a UK number one.

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Written by CelebMix