Taylor Swift’s Unwanted Visitors

It’s been a strange, creepy, and slightly unsettling few months for Taylor Swift, with uninvited visitors turning up on her doorstep multiple times.

Around 6 p.m. this past Tuesday evening, authorities were called to Taylor Swifts $2o million Tribeca, New York home when her security guards discovered a man on her doorstep. The

The 25-year-old was acting disoriented, which caused police to transport him to a psychiatric ward for evaluation. Taylor wasn’t at the residence at the time, and the man didn’t make any threats against the singer, so no charges were made against him.  But unfortunately, instances like this have been happening to Miss Swift for a few months now.

In February, a musician showed up outside Swift’s home in Beverly Hills and refused to leave, attempting to pitch some song ideas to her. He claimed to have worked with her in the past, but reports say this isn’t true.

Then, only two weeks before that, a man was arrested for acting suspiciously outside her Los Angeles home.

Even creepier, in 2014, Swift obtained a restraining order against a man claiming to be married to her.

Fortunately for Taylor, her security team seems to be on point when it comes to keeping her safe. But this is also a pretty clear indication of how little privacy celebrities have, even in their own homes.

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Written by CelebMix