Teen Wolf 6B Trailer Is Here!

In just 21 days, the beginning of the end will be here and our favourite Teen Wolf members will be with us for the very last time. The official trailer for the final ten episodes has just been released, and these teens have managed to open up another world. A world in which Chris Argent describes as “terror”.

The trailer starts with a female voice stating, “Something’s happening in Beacon Hills, to the people here.” Wait, you’re only just realising this? Pretty sure weird things have been happening to Beacon Hills and the people for six whole seasons! This time must be beyond everything they’ve ever fought.

Scott and the rest of the supernatural are about to find themselves being hunted by all of the humans. The final ten episodes pick up with Scott and his friends on the eve of their departures for college, until they discover a new enemy rising, which threatens their fate and everybody they hold near and dear. Although Gerard Argent is possibly one of the least likeable characters in the show, even he seems to be traumatised by the new arrivals and his only advice to Scott is “tell him to run.”

With a whole other world open and new monsters ready to kill everybody that crosses them, it’s only right that they bring some old faces back to fight the final battle with them, right? We hoped you’re prepared, as Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore), Charlie Carver (Ethan) and Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) are about to bring the gang back together! Not only have these three made a comeback, but what is a fight without our beloved Stiles Stilinski and his very iconic entrance?

“You didn’t think you were doing this without me did you?” – Stiles Stilinski

“Without us.” – Derek Hale

And cue Scott and the entire Teen Wolf fandom’s shocked faces.

Being as this is the final fight ever, we can only expect to lose at least one or two of our favourite characters, so get your tissues ready and be prepared for everything that’s going to hit us! Teen Wolf will now be airing on a Sunday night starting from July 30th at 8pm on MTV and the cast will also be talking on their final Comic Con panel, July 21st.

Watch the final trailer here:

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