Tegan and Sara Share New Soundtrack Song Called ‘Fade Out’

Shortly after the release of their eighth album, Love You To Death, Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara announced they had written a song for the soundtrack to The Intervention. Now, you can listen to the song called Fade Out and watch the accompanying outtake reel from the movie here.

The Intervention is an indie film that follows four couples on a weekend getaway which eventually turns into a marriage intervention for one of the pairs. The film stars and is directed by Clea DuVall, who worked closely with Tegan and Sara to develop the song.

Fade Out had already been written by Sara in the process of creating Love You To Death. She pitched the song successfully to DuVall, then rewrote the lyrics to align with the situation of the characters. Sara said:

So I tried to imagine Melanie Lynskey’s character and the misguided attempt to fix other people’s lives when she herself was headed for a fadeout in her own relationship and rewrote the lyrics.

The track is synth and pop inspired, and has an almost whimsical feel to it. It would fit well on Love You To Death, but has a more embellished sound that translates better within a film. DuVall praised the song’s lyrical and musical depth:

Fade Out captures the emotional complexity of the film. I love the duality of the dreamy melody with the somewhat bittersweet lyrics.

Tegan and Sara are no stranger to writing for movie soundtracks. They wrote Don’t Find Another Love for the soundtrack to Endless Love in 2014. More notably, their catchy song featured on the soundtrack for The Lego Movie, called Everything is Awesome, became a huge hit and was even nominated for an Oscar!

Movie scores, on the other hand, require a completely different process than a soundtrack song. DuVall thought that Sara was up for the challenge, so she hired her to work on the score for The Intervention. DuVall said: “A big reason why I wanted to work with Sara on the score is because she hasn’t done it before. I wanted something that didn’t sound like the scores I am used to hearing. I’m really thrilled with how it turned out.”

You can watch The Intervention, listen for Fade Out, and hear the score created by Sara when the movie drops on Friday, August 26th.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.