Ten Ed Sheeran’s Tattoos You Need To Understand

Ed Sheeran is known for his colorful tattoo sleeve. He expresses his ingenuity and creativity not only through his music but also through body ink. The singer seems to have a story to tell and like many other guys, he chose to do it through drawings on his skin. Here are ten of his best and most meaningful tattoos :

  1. “Got a family tree, I did” 

    Ed shared this one in 2013, it’s a family tree : a great way to show your love and respect for your family. We’re sure that John and Imogen love it as much as the Mother and child one.

  2. The Teddy Bear

                                                               Once again, it represents a part of him and more specifically of his childhood: indeed, Teddy was his nickname.

  3. The Gingerbread Man and Puss in Boots

    In order to show you how much he is fond of the film “Shrek” and we find that really lovely. Moreover, it’s an allusion to his song Wake Me Up : “And I know you love Shrek, , ‘Cause we’ve watched it 12 times, But maybe you’re hoping for a fairy tale too”                                               

  4.  Ramdom Impulse

                                          This is Jovel, whose performing name is Random Impulse. He is one of Ed’s close friends from way back and they got a matching tattoo. For the fact, Ed is also the godfather of Jovel’s daughter.

  5. Pingu

    He got this portrait of a penguin from children’s british claymation series, whereas his friend Harry Styles has the word “pingu” on the inside of his left arm.

  6. Tiger Stripes

                                                              When a person gets a tattoo of a particular animal, it is likely that they identify themselves with the characteristics of that animal. Thus, his tattoo may represent the power, the strength, the courage and agility of the tiger. Int the same spirit, he also has a lizard which symbolize wisdom.

  7. Phoenix

    A phoenix rising from the ashes signifying a rebirth. Moreover, in the historical records it can also symbolize certain aspects of Christian life. Ed says he’s proud of this one because it looks badass aha.

  8. Left Sleeve

    Ten Ed Sheeran's Tattoos You Need To See 1

    With a whole collection of tattoos from different places he visited, Ed got a Wiki for the New Zealand, “this” with a Chinese character, the canadian maple leaf, a Koala for Australia along with some others.

  9. About Music

    Ten Ed Sheeran's Tattoos You Need To See 2The first one is about a road in Denver where Ed wrote “Photograph” ; but he made a mistake: it was 6th avenue ah. The second one is about all the things he did when he was 21, in 2012 (performed for the queen, international success, toured with snow patrol…). Although, the third one is about Snow Patrol. The fourth  is about Ed’s EP “N°5 Collaborations Project”. The fifth represents an angel wing, referring to the first time The A Time was played in the radio. Finally, the last one pays homage to his debut studio record +.

  10. The Lion

    “All this kerfuffle over a tattoo. If it was black and white saying a clever phrase in a language I can’t speak no one would’ve said anything. It’s not the first weird tattoo I’ve got and it won’t be the last, but I like all of them. I’m also eating a bowl of pasta now so byeziez x” -Ed

    We have to admit that this one is just majestic on him !

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Written by CelebMix