Ten Reasons Why Perfect Music Video is PERFECTION

As some of you may know, Tuesday, October 22nd, was quite an eventful day for the One Direction fandom. First it was the cancellation of their show in Belfast and then finding out that Liam Payne was sick! (No fear, Liam is much better now and the cancelled show is set to be rescheduled for this Friday, October 23rd.)

With the boys’ apologies came a new music video for their new single, Perfect. And let us tell you something, it is pure perfection! Here’s 5 reasons why the music video for Perfect is perfection!!



This effect was definitely a throwback to their music video for Little Things. It gave the video a more sophisticated and mature feeling during the song even though, Louis and Liam are casually playing football (soccer) and fooling around the hotel.



Not only did we drolled over Harry and his suit, we realized that Harry is wearing a woman’s shirt! (Amazing) He is a great example to show everyone that it’s okay to wear whatever you like. We don’t need a label to tell us what to wear!



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the boys record inside their hotel room? Yes, we did get a glimpse back of those footages in This Is Us, but not we get to see DJ Payno in full action possibly making the remix we have now heard of in the Perfect EP.



We knew that Niall has a love and passion for the sport of golf. We even saw him fall head over heels for it (see what we did there?). To see what the boys do inside their hotel room, especially Niall playing golf, indoors is heart eyes emoji worthy.



How can you even deny the cuteness of this polka dot socks? You can’t! Fingers cross the adorable socks will have more appearances.



You know it’s a One Direction music video when they’re fooling around somehow and still manage to make our heart melt (that’s our boys!)  As each individual sing their heart out, the video casually goes back and forth between Louis and Liam having fun playing football (soccer) and being themselves together. It is a pure moment to appreciate because Liam and Louis a.k.a Lilo is the all time goals of friendship!



Although this moment of the music video, is believed to be a reference to Taylor Swift’s Style music video, we believe that it’s simply just Harry being Harry! I mean, c’mon who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the sight of Harry Styles laying on a table, singing Perfect?



So that’s where Liam went to get his tattoos done- in his hotel room! Seeing Liam tattooed clearly shows that their schedule is quite packed that it’s difficult for them to find personal time. The slow-mo close up of the process was actually quite intriguing because we got to see his tattoos on more of a personal level. His tattoos are beautiful!



This video makes you appreciate the beauty of the night city. New York has always been a beautiful place for others but now they get to see the world in black and white and really focus on the details of the light, traffic and buildings. I have never wanted to go to New York as much as I did now after watching the video!



Of course, Perfect has to end with all four members together. I must say, outfits on point!!!! Louis was wearing a dark coloured sweater. Niall was wearing a stripe button-up. Liam was wearing his signature hat and what seems to be like plaid button-up and Harry wearing a silk light button-up. Pure perfection right there! The boys really know how to play with our emotions alright.



Written by CelebMix