Terminator Genisys: Sequels on Indefinite Hold

‘Terminator Genisys 2’ the second installment to the planned trilogy announced by Paramount has reportedly been pulled by the Skydance studios from its 2017 schedule of releases. However, Matt Smith, who played a T-5000 embodiment of Skynet, remains optimistic about the second film pushing through.
In 1984 relatively unknown director James Cameron released The Terminator, a B-movie science fiction film that since its initial run has since become a cult favourite among fans, as too has its sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Both were very good and we all know what became of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the franchise soon after. But how does the Terminator match up in today’s movie theatre?

Though it was certainly not hard to miss the critical mauling that the film received even before it hit theatres.  most of Genisys’ poor opening gross at the domestic box office was due to its almost ‘doomed failure’ perceived by critics who were not too keen on revisiting and altering the timeline of the original film. Not to mention, in this day in age, it is very hard not to see a trailer when one is trying to go into a film fresh and not with any preconceived conceptions. Still, while most loyal fans  attempted such an endeavour, the twist of Genisys was drastically spoilt thanks very much to the way in which films are marketed these days.

From the very beginning of the film we are given an updated reimagining of a post-Judgement Day dystopia that hasn’t looked this good since the prologue of T2. Gone is the dire modern war-esque depictions we got in the vastly disappointing Terminator Salvation and in with the return of the all-too familiar neon-blue and chrome futuristic designs from the James Cameron era. The joyous rendition of plasma rifles blast over a bleak and desolate battlefield sending any Terminator fan into a nostalgic frenzy.

And the nostalgia doesn’t stop there. Although the makers of the film could not incorporate the original footage from 1984 due to legal reasons, when the first original Terminator’s arrival is recreated as he rises to look over 1980’s Los Angeles, the moment is captured perfectly and seamlessly integrated into pretty much a shot-for-shot remake of the scene. Hardcore fans  were reeling with excitement fuelled by nostalgia as they whispered certain lines that they knew were coming. ‘Hey bud, did you just see a real bright light?’ However, do not think of this film as simply a remake of The Terminator, as it is more of a reimaging yet a sequel all at the same time. Here it is best to mention that the 12A certificate does exceedingly little to mar the film, especially when we consider that the rules for film classifications are constantly changing, especially with the ever increasing intelligent storylines demanded by younger audiences.

Let’s be honest, when Genisys came out at the cinemas, you probably didn’t go to see it. For many this was primarily due to the critics complaining about the ‘supposed’ complications within the narrative, deeming it too confusing for audiences. This confusion within the narrative is only a problem if you were expecting a straight forward action blockbuster. Instead we get a clever film that doesn’t treat it spectators like a switched-off 9-year old. Although there are plenty of action sequences and stunts throughout the film.

To satisfy most action fans, the actual storyline of the flick is a cleverly crafted one; whereby Skynet has already perceived the course of events that we have seen in T1 and T2 and, with being from another universe, has sent Matt Smith’s creepy incarnation of Skynet to stop John Conner in the future. This takes place just after John sends Kyle Reese back to protect his mother. And as Skynet says to John in the film, ‘you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?’

With the future of one of Paramount’s most lucrative franchises up in the air, the two planned sequels sought to spark a new trilogy and television show are currently on hold. If you missed this great Terminator film the first time round then be sure to pick up a copy on its home release.

Terminator Genisys is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Written by CelebMix