Terror Jr Just Debuted An EP Full of Bops called Bop City

While Terror Jr have only fairly recently entered the music business as a whole, it is safe to say that their music is will stay with us for a long time.

The trio is comprised of the producers Felix Snow and David Benjamin Singer-Vine as well as “Lisa”, their anonymous singer whose voice is so heavily auto-tuned and stretched that you simply cannot fathom who it might be. While the producers have already had their fair share of success (they are, for instance, the guys that produced Kiiara’s music) and revealed their identities over the last couple of months, the singer remains unknown. Many speculate that Kylie Jenner might be behind it, since she has used the band’s debut song, “3 Strikes”, in her Glosses commercials. Others suggest it might be Kiiara herself that is singing here. But no matter who was standing behind the microphone during the recording session, the song was accepted well by the public and became a social media hit.

The mystery surrounding the lead singer, as well as the placement in the commercial, have helped Terror Jr. become quite the success. Over the last couple of months, they released three more songs, one of which is climbing the Spotify and iTunes charts as we speak. Each of them proved to be another winner. The production was smooth, refreshingly new, and a good mixture of insanely catchy but dark and glitchy at the same time. It was therefore no wonder that the band would be working on a follow-up.

On Friday, the band then debuted their highly anticipated first full-length EP. The work is called “Bop City”, and, to be quite frank, Terror Jr are quite right with the title.

“Bop City” features the already released tracks “3 Strikes”, “Come First”, “Sugar” and ” Say So” as well as four brand new songs. All of them are hauntingly good. The lyrics range from intense confidence in “Come First” (“Keep me satisfied / I can make your head spin, baby”), to gloominess about the current world situation in “Little White Bars” (“Someone got shot on the TV / But it don’t feel like a movie/ I think this world’s ’bout to leave me”) and to the themes relating to drug abuse (“We used to drinkin’ out the bottle / Playing in the snow like it’s Colorado”). All of them are sung in the same auto-tuned voice and are laid upon a glitchy-synthy beat.

All of the songs are bops, whether they are the sexually charged “Pray” (“Preach for me, daddy…I can be your daddy / Hook me like a caddy”) or the obvious hand-clapping goodness. You can clap and snap along to “Sugar” or you might want to yell the lyrics of “Come First” out loud while driving in your car because it feels just so empowering. This EP offers you all the feels. It also displays the potential of Terror Jr. and their music. The songs are catchy and contain just the right amount of laid back production to make them relevant not only in this day and age but also in the future.

If you want to check them out, you can stream “Bop City” or you can buy it on the digital retailer of your choice.

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Written by Heiko

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