Tessa Violet, Rusty Clanton, and Dodie Clark are Going on Tour This Fall

If you live on the east coast of the United States and are a fan of musicians on YouTube, we may have some good news for you! Tessa Violet, Rusty Clanton, and Dodie Clark will be touring at least 10 cities on the eastern coast of the U.S this fall!

The tour has yet to be officially launched, but Tessa recently tweeted a link to a list of the tour dates. She assured fans that more dates will be added, but tickets for the dates already announced are available now!

The tour dates are as follows:

October 14th- Chicago, IL: Beat Kitchen

October 16th- Akron, OH: Musica

October 19th- Boston, MA: The Red Room At Cafe 939

October 21st- New York, NY: Mercury Lounge

October 23rd- Richmond, VA: The Camel

October 25th- Charlotte, NC: The Evening Muse

October 26th- Charleston, SC: The Charleston Pour House

October 28th- Jacksonville, FL: JACK RABBITS LIVE

October 29th- Atlanta, GA: Vinyl

October 30th- Nashville, TN: 12th and Porter

These dates and links to buy tickets are all posted on Tessa’s Bands In Town page. 

This fall tour is assumed to be a follow up to The Transatlantic Tour of this past spring. Tessa, Rusty, and Dodie toured the east coast and were joined at some stops by fellow YouTuber and musician Jon Cozart, otherwise known as Paint. All four are good friends and frequent collaborators on YouTube, and have sung various covers and original songs with each other over the years. Some of our favourites are Dodie and Rusty performing Novels, Tessa and Dodie singing an original called Burn, Tessa and Jon’s lovely duet of So This is Love, and Rusty and Tessa singing You Was. The chemistry between all of them on screen is remarkable, and we’re sure it’s even more amazing live!

The shows on The Transatlantic Tour were small and intimate, complete with fairy lights in the background. It allows for a more unique experience for fans, closer to the one-on-one connection felt while watching YouTube videos than a attending a large stadium would be. The energy, dedication, and passion evident in each of their videos on YouTube translates well in their live performances.

If you attend a show, you can expect to hear some of your favourite original songs by each artist, and possibly some surprises! Here are some of the performances from the previous tour.



We can’t wait to see what these three have in store for their upcoming fall tour! If the success of the previous tour is anything to go by, it’s bound to be amazing. Tickets are available to purchase here.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.