Texting Kevin Jonas

What would you do if you had your favorite’s phone number?

That happened.

Former Jonas Brother, Kevin Jonas, tweeted out Tuesday night to call and or text him on a number that will be active for 48 hours, along with a video.

Because knowing me, a phone call would go:
“Hey, it’s Kevin.”
“Good, and you?”
I decided to send K2 a text.

What do you say to the person that’s on your t-shirt? I’ve met Kevin multiple times before, face to face. But texting…texting? Do I pour my heart out and tell him how much I love him? Or do I get down to business and say “WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?”, “Please define ‘deep rift’.”, “When is the reunion tour?!”.

I went with neither. My text to one of my favorite people on the planet: “Testing 123. Hi Kevin.”. The girl who strives on creativity: “Hi Kevin”.

Kevin Jonas has yet to text me back. I am starting to think this is some sort of twisted social experiment that will make me what to punch him in the face. Or I’m being PUNK’D. We’ll keep you updated…

Written by CelebMix