A Thank You To One Direction

Tis the Holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving for the United States. Every person has a different reason to be thankful, but there is one group especially that deserves to be thanked: One Direction

Thank you to One Direction, for being with the fans through this tough year for everyone, and for staying.

Thank you for the endless smiles and happiness. When your fans thought that possibly nothing could go right in the world, you were there proving that there is light even in the darkest of situations.

One Direction, thank you for presenting an album despite this crazy year. For making the music for the fans and making sure that every note, every pitch was perfect. For caring about fans opinions.

Thank you, for finishing the live shows, even when you lost a member. For taking up the lost solos. For practicing and performing them in a new way you never thought was possible.

Thank you, for promising the fans and reminding them again and again that you won’t leave them.

Thank you Harry, for being you. For giving fans a safe haven at concerts. Thank you for presenting yourself the way you wanted and not for what other people wanted. Thank you for helping fans of all gender, sexuality, and race to feel accepted. Thank you for being nice, even when interviewers sexualize you and present you wrongly. Thank you for the black and white instagram post. Thank you Harry, for the gold boots and the golden heart to match. Thank you for being so supportive and so listening. Thank you for being yourself, and for not being what the world wants you and expects you to be. Thank you for the soul and passion.Thank you for being you.

Niall, thank you for the golf videos. Thank you for being so happy about your golf videos that you are excited to share them with the world. Thank you for the concerts, the live shows where no matter what you were going through you were there. Thank you for the laughs and sass. Thank you for always being the one to go on twitter and clear up what the press is saying. Thank you Niall, for caring about our safety. Constantly reminding us to be safe in trafic. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into every show, song, interview, or tweet you do. Thank you for keeping your Irish legacy alive in everything you do, wanting to spread who you are and share it with the world. Thank you for not changing through anything.

Thank you Liam, for always being there for the fans. Thank you for consantly trying to spread love and to brighten the mood. Thank you for standing up for your own fans against your own fans. Thank you for showing fans that you shouldn’t care what other people think and you should just do you. Thank you for answering the tough questions in interviews. Thank you for putting everything that is humanly possible into your singing. Thank you for constantly thanking the fans and reminding the fans that they are the reason you are where you are today. Thank you for sticking with the boys through everything, from losing a part of the band, to missing a show, to constant rumors from the people that call themselves a supporter. Thank you for staying.

Thank you Louis, for showing your love for your sports teams. For sharing your knowledge and passion for music on the X Factor. Thank you, for always trying to make everyone else happy. For caring about your fans as much as they care about you. Thank you, for always reminding fans that the band is going nowhere. Despite what others say, you are always there to make sure the world knows that One Direction isn’t over. Thank you Louis, for becoming more confident. For believing in yourself. Thank you for taking on notes you would have never done before this year. Thank you, for the endless amount of charity work. Thank you, for the princess ball and the charity raffles. Thank you, for making young fans dreams come true. Thank you for being such a genuine and caring person.

And thank you Zayn. You aren’t a part of One Direction anymore but there is always a need to thank you. Thank you for showing people that they should focus on what makes then happy and do things to better thenselfes. To not give up who they are for someone else. Thank you, for sticking around for almost five years. For pushing through and being commited to something that didn’t appeal to you. Thank you, for thinking of the fans and showing endless support and love.

Thank you One Direction. For 2015. For the love and support. For the music.

Thank you Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Written by CelebMix