The VMAs happened and with that, a lot of drama too.

But one of the only good things that will appear on articles tomorrow morning, is Kanye West’s speech when given the Video Vanguard Award.

Not only did he slayed standing up for us #millennials but he talked about some true things too.


He talked too about how his life changed after he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech many years ago and how his life would probably be different now if he had changed something. He said that he probably did not explained himself good back then, but he does not regret a thing – because he is just trying to fight for all artists.

He knows how hard it is out there to all the artist working hard and to all be put down because an award show tells you quality music is not important but only if you win an award?


He then admitted to have smoked something before the show… but he said that it doesn’t matter as long as his beliefs continues to be right on track – which is supporting true artists and their work.


And of course, to end his amazing speech, he said that he will run for presidency in 2020.


If I lived in America, I would totally vote for him.


I wouldn’t mind Kim Kardashian as the first lady. She would be flawless to be honest.

No, but seriously – people are claiming it was just a joke, some others find it ignorant, but to be honest, I don’t see why it can’t happen. I mean, if there’s a racist republican running for presidency…

Anyway, right now, we are feeling just like Jaden Smith.


Thank you Kanye, for saving this year’s show, even if it was filled with drama and racists comments, your speech will forever live.


Written by CelebMix