ThatcherJoe’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Joe Sugg, also famously known as ThatcherJoe is a British YouTube Celebrity, blogger, comedian & internet personality with over 5 million subscribers. He’s known for his crazy and eccentric personality, constantly pranking his friends and creating popular games/challenges that even other YouTubers and TV shows include for their entertainment. 2015 has been quite an amazing and memorable year for Joe, so let’s countdown to his top 10 videos of 2015!

10. Dare Sugg 3

The return of Dare Sugg is back to make all of us crazy happy! All the fans were so excited to see more crazy things Joe would do from the request of his fans, it made its way to the Joe’s top 10 most viewed video of the year. Although, some moments in the videos were quite concerning (drinking soy sauce and eating raw egg, yikes!) most of the time they were super funny (the fail backflip, going down the stairs with the hoverboard and of course when Oli slapped Joe with a salmon, cue the laughter!) Needless to say, thank you Joe for the return of Dare Sugg, we deeply appreciate it.

9. Friendship Test Prank

No surprise, Joe’s prank videos are some of his most-viewed videos of the year! He definitely stepped up his game and never leaves his audience with dry eyes, (no not sad tears, laughing tears). This time, his prank victim was Oli White, a fellow YouTuber. Along with the video, their friends, Will Darbyshire, is competing against Oli to see who is Joe’s better friend. Little did Oli know, Will was in for the prank so he already knows all the answers! When you don’t think the video can get better after Oli got a recorder taped on his ‘helmet’, he was later attached to a yoga ball! Overall, the video was amazing full with shocking, taping and lots of laughter and screaming (mostly from Oli), but we know Joe has some amazing friends!

8. Roommate Wake Up Prank Ad

Like Joe mentioned, Tesco Mobiles challenged Joe to “wake up to better.” With this, Joe thought it would be a great opportunity to prank his housemate, Caspar Lee, because what’s not waking up to better than that? The first morning, Joe successfully sprayed water on Caspar, which definitely woke him up from his sleep! The following morning, Joe once again sprayed water on Caspar but added extra twist full of an alarm clock. Needless to say, Joe ended up being the one who dried the pillows, bed sheets and blankets. When you think that’s it, Joe Sugg seems to prove us all wrong. Since Caspar was more aware now that he is the victim of the prank, he decides to sleep in a different position, which was to sleep on his back. Just think, Joe + powder sugar + sleeping Caspar = prank and more water! Lastly, Caspar didn’t make it easy for himself when he slept with his arms wide open (we get it, no one can control themselves when they’re asleep!) Joe obviously took this opportunity to play around with shaving cream, oh how we love their friendship!

7. More YouTuber Impressions

What’s better than Joe and impressions? Joe and impressions. It perfectly makes sense why it was viewed a lot because his skill is amazing. This time, he’s doing impressions on his fellow YouTubers. Joe started off with Oli White and his brother James (Caspar Lee) as they take on the Banana Challenge. Following that, it was their good friend Will, then Louise Pentland, Joe Weller, Jim Chapman, Louis Cole, and finally, Alfie Deyes (this one is hands down one of the best impression!) Love, love, love this video.

6. What Did You Send Us?

There’s always something about seeing your favourite Youtubers open gifts they got from their fans, I mean, I enjoy them very much because it’s a form of way to appreciate his supporters and showcase what a beautiful group of people can do. With this video, it is a collaboration with his very close friend Caspar Lee! Before the video gets to opening gifts from Joe’s fan, he produced some sick tunes (wish it was sold on iTunes). One of the best moments during the video was when Joe received his favourite thing in the world, Loombands (not!) He just kept finding one and another and another. Other amazing gifts were fanart of portraits of Caspar and Joe, whoever drew and painted those, you are an incredible artist! Not only that, we cannot forget when Caspar became a killer… of a baby! Overall, everyone is awesome for sending their favourite YouTubers gifts and letters to show their love and support. Go team!

5. Couple Yoga Fail

Should we say couple goals or friendship goals? Who knows! Since Couple yoga was a thing for a while, Joe and Oli decided to tackle the challenge themselves. With matching bright coloured outfits (even their shoes are matching, how cute.) Starting off, they were doing pretty well for someone who doesn’t really do yoga, but as the video continues along things start to become more difficult. Although, they tried very much to do those yoga poses, someone always ended up landing on their butts and hurting themselves. In the end, it was super entertaining and I could not stop watching it, hence why it make its mark at number five on our list.

4. ThatcherJoe Does That ‘Candy’ Thing

Have you tried American candy? Joe didn’t, so he decided to film himself trying American candy. It seems like Joe was having trouble describing his reaction to tasting candy for the first time. With some practices, Joe turned into a pro! (That rhymes.) The tasting ranged from Hersheys to…water! Got to love Joe.

3. Paranormal Activity Prank

When you believe a house is haunted, the only solution you come up with is pranking your friend in believing it too! Only five minutes in, Callum Aier (Calfreezy), Joe and his friends have already convinced Callum that their rental house was haunted. The second thing they did after they told Callum about the house was place a creepy looking figure under his bed. His immediate reaction was full on creeped out. To spice the prank, even more, Joe decided to record himself playing the piano (his phone connection to the speaker) and have it play at night as it no one was there but somehow the instrument was playing by itself. Although, I would say this prank was quite successful, Joe did get caught. Brilliant effort, but too bad he was caught!

2. No Sleep For Roommate Prank

I ain’t got no sleep ’cause of y’all. Y’all never gonna sleep ’cause of me (I had to). Another prank video it is! Joe just can’t stop himself from pranking Caspar. The plan was simple but it takes commitment to achieve a plan like that. What Joe did was he placed numerous amount of alarm clocks inside Caspar’s room with different times on them so he won’t get any sleep. Needless to say, Joe was very successful with his prank, but poor Caspar!

1. Prank Calling With My Sister

We knew that Joe was the prankster in the family, but we were surprised to see Zoe join along with him! Zoella, also known as Zoe is Joe’s older sister who is super caring, adorable and fun! Since usually we always see Joe do all the pranks, it was refreshing to see his sister tag along as well. It clearly shows their super tight bond that some wish to have with their siblings. At the start of the video, Zoe wasn’t having much luck as Oli White immediately recognized her voice so Joe came into the rescue and pranked call Marcus Butler with a date gone wrong! As always, Marcus was pretty convinced that Joe got himself into an awkward date and successful was the prank! Until of course, Joe accidentally sent Marcus a voice message revealing the prank (Typical Joe). Then, Zoe was successful at pranking one of her very close friend Tanya Burr admitting to not only her but also Jim Chapman that her stomach hasn’t been feeling good to the point where she would “poo” in her bed, etc. It continued until the couple pointed out that this is probably a prank, but we did get Tanya, go Zoe go! Finally, we wanted to highlight the MVP prank victim, Oli White. It seems that Zoe and Joe were determined to prank Oli and since Zoe failed, Joe had to give it a try himself. To sum it up, Joe told Oli that Caspar hasn’t been treating him so nicely (Caspar was also involved in the prank, making an appearance in the video as well). Oli handled Joe very well, trying to calm Joe down and everything. All of us are impressed and wish we had a wonderful friend like Oli White!


*Bonus: ThacherJoe’s Top 10 Moments 2015*

Like mentioned, 2015 was such an incredible year for Joe, it was not a surprised that he made a wrap-up video talking about what a year he had. Not only will you see the list of his most viewed videos of 2015, but you can also see his perspective on the highlights of the year. He mentioned the Friendship Test and many pranks within the year. If you have not checked out the video, definitely give it a watch!

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