The 1975. The top band’s top five songs.


For those of you who don’t know, The 1975 are an indie-rock band from Manchester consisting of 4 people; Matt Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel and Ross MacDonald. The band has releases fours EPs and a self titled debut album on the second of September in 2013 which debuted at number one on the UK Album Chart 6 days later. The band has toured internationally playing their phenomenal songs at various events, for example, the Coachella festival. Here are 5 of the most popular songs as shown on the website, ‘The Top Tens,’ plus, a personal favourite.

5) YOU

A memorable and clever song, well known but not always credited enough. An echoey but uplifting tune, with a catchy guitar riff and a complementing drum sequence all held together by soothing vocals. Finishing on a dramatic and intense yet moderately subtle note, You is an overall relaxing song, perfect to listen to when you need to relax but need an inspiriting song.


Another one of their signature upbeat pieces, Girls, a song that really shows that the band was influenced by Prince because of its exceptional guitar riff, is an exciting and empowering song. With Matt Healy’s voice exceptionally different in this song, Girls sounds very original and unique. Mixed with a powerful underlying drum beat, Girls makes a brilliant and refreshing tune.


Chocolate is a one of a kind and a spectacular song, much like the band themselves.The song, although very entertaining is actually about the dark and troubled youth of today. song became a radio favourite and an understandably addictive song with its unshakeably catchy guitar hooks and a clap along beat that’ll have you clapping and dancing the whole way through. Combined with Healy’s incredibly clear tone, Chocolate will have you hitting repeat all day.


Robbers is an emotional ensemble, beginning with a particularly beautiful introduction.  This song is much calmer but consists of a heavy harmony which complements Matt’s emotional vocals, reinforcing the deep and dark lyrics.


With an insane riff and addictive lyrics, This song is by far the most popular song released by The 1975.  The song screams the themes of lust and infidelity backed up with raw guitar and drum lines and once again, with Matt’s beautiful voice.

Personal favourite: THE CITY

An infectious beat, heavy and prominent drums and a cheerful tune, all cause for ‘The City,’ being an absolute personal favourite.

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Written by CelebMix