The ATG reveals new music video for “Paranoid” featuring Omar Gooding, Sa-Roc and G.V. Prakash Kumar

Music producer and musician, The ATG, along with hip hop vocalist Omar Gooding, rapper Sa-Roc and composer G.V. Prakash Kumar have revealed their new song “Paranoid” from the movie soundtrack for Trap City

The new single released today along with the launch of their hard hitting music video breaks new territory for The ATG, who’s musical prowess has brought together some of the industry’s biggest names in hip hop. With their new collaboration, “Paranoid” sends out a powerful message as the first single to be released from the upcoming soundtrack.

Sa-Roc, reflecting on the single said, “I’m grateful to be a part of a project that weighs in on some of society’s most pressing issues in a uniquely refreshing way.”

Touching on themes from police brutality to the stereotypes of how African Americans are portrayed in the media through to the subsequent civil rights movement with Black Lives Matter – “Paranoid” tells a raw story that needs to be heard. 

Speaking about the single’s release this week, Omar Gooding said, “Now more than ever we MUST come together. It’s that simple. Do your part to effect change and stop the spread of hate and PARANOIA.”

Paranoid from the Trap City Motion Picture Soundtrack

Speaking to Celebmix about the messages of the song, The ATG said, “It’s really about police brutality, and how this creates paranoia in the lives of African Americans. They’re more likely to be persecuted for minor criminal offenses and it’s also about that constant fear.”

Following the death of George Floyd which sparked civil unrest across America, the nation has been soul-searching for an answer in 2020 and has a long way to go to reform the police.  

On his latest collaboration for the soundtrack, G.V. Prakash Kumar praised the work of the artists who put the song together and said, “My sincere hope is through these artistic expressions we facilitate some real lasting changes for peace, love and harmony.”

“Paranoid” is the first single to be released for the upcoming film Trap City, scheduled for release in 2021 – with the soundtrack being distributed via Sony/The Orchard. 

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Written by CelebMix Newsroom