One Final Day

The Beautiful Blu Releases Haunting “One Final Day”

Pop-rock outfit The Beautiful Blu unveils their single, “One Final Day,” a track from their upcoming debut album, iGenocide, a sonic exploration of genocide, including subtle types of genocide such as ‘social genocide.’

The Beautiful Blu explains, “Our upcoming album ‘iGenocide’ reflects the experience of interacting with survivors of such atrocities. Not everyone came into the studio with the same exposure to the people who suffered through these events. Yet, we were able to bond as musicians around the music. In doing so, it served as a beautiful reminder that music emphasizes the qualities that bring people together, as opposed to pushing them apart.”

iGenocide delves into the manipulation of media and political marketing as a vehicle to persuade young people to accept the idea of Nationalism, viewing other nations and people as threats, and ultimately, to wage war on them.

While The Beautiful Blu wrote the songs and played on the album, it also brought in various gifted friends, such as renowned English artist Bill Ryder-Jones on vocals. Ryder-Jones played with the Arctic Monkeys as a session and touring guitarist, as well as founding the band The Coral. Two-time Juno Award nominee Mark Kelso provided drums, while David Baron played synths and handled mixing. Byron Isaacs, known for his recording and touring with The Lumineers, played bass, and Sophie Michalitsianos of “Hello Moto” fame, sang backing vocals.

“One Final Day” rolls out on a throbbing rhythm topped by an eloquent piano as low-slung, smooth, sensitive vocals offer deliciously poignant tones, while hints of new wave flavors give the melody alluring surfaces. The feel and mood of the song reveal soft expressions of entreaty, imbuing the lyrics with silky urgency.

At once stylish and nuanced, “One Final Day” features affecting layers of harmonics, drenched in luscious, swirling leitmotifs.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.