The best movies of 2018 for students

In the present era, you can find entertainment to satisfy every taste, even the most particular and demanding. However, when it comes to movies, sometimes the simple task of deciding which movie to watch can feel like a major problem. There are so many good films out there, but there are also plenty of really bad ones. So that you don’t waste your time on some mediocre cinematic works, but discover one that is right for you, we have compiled a list of best films for students of the year 2018. We have included a wide selection of genres that will suit your current mood and craving for cinema. Happy watching!

Black Panther

Everyone loves a good superhero movie. The tricky part is to find a good one with not-so-predictable plot twists or too many clichés. Well, we are proud to say that Black Panther not only avoids all of these pitfalls, but also delivers an extremely important social message. Not to mention, the visuals are absolutely stunning.

Lady Bird

This is a very intimate and witty film about self-identification, establishing goals for the future and growing up. The movie follows a high school girl who is very smart and confident, creative and uncompromising: teenage struggles, relationships with parents and boys – all of these “regular” topics are presented in the funniest and most touching way that will surely both entertain you and leave you deeply moved.

A Quiet Place

If you are a fan of good thrills, this movie will certainly leave you on the edge of your seat. A very simple premise – some kind of catastrophe involving sound-responsive monsters has taken place on Earth, and we follow a family that has to be extremely quiet to stay safe. A family with kids has to make no sound in order to survive. It might have been a very funny movie if it wasn’t so brilliantly terrifying.


This new Pixar animated movie is a good example of the reinvention of this classic genre of films. It touches upon the quite dark topic of dealing with death and loss. It focuses on a young boy living in Mexico who desperately wants to become a singer despite his family’s wishes. Perfectly crafted animation and vivid musical aspect mixed with rather philosophical questions create a wholly unique aesthetic that is absolutely worth viewing.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

One of the most anticipated movies of 2018 has got to be a Han Solo origin story. It is very easy to imagine why almost as easy as to get assignment writing in Australia. Almost every fan of the franchise has their own vision of their favorite character’s appearances and adventures at a younger age. It is hard to please everyone, and the box-office reception has been a bright example of that. However, whether you are a curious Star Wars enthusiast, a total newcomer to this cinematic universe, or a vicious admirer of George Lucas’s creation – you will definitely enjoy this part of the franchise.

Isle of Dogs

This film will be particularly popular among arts college students, particularly those who study cinematography and photography. Wes Anderson, the director of this animated masterpiece is famous for his distinctive style and creative frames. The story is set in a  future Japan where all dogs have been sent to live on the separate island. You can also stay busy trying to identify the voices being each character, as there are plenty of very well-known actors and actresses who gave their voices to the film’s characters.


Sci-fi lovers will certainly fall in love with this Alex Garland movie. It is a type of science fiction work that explores not only the extent of human imagination and unusual or futuristic changes in our world but also the psychology of our species and society. Visually magnificent, the plot revolves around a biologist played by Natalie Portman, who is trying to figure out what happened to her husband after a secret government mission. It also involves an expedition to a mysterious zone referred to as “Shimmer”, where things are a bit different than we are used to.

Eighth Grade

Though this movie shows teenage life in the digital age, it also falls into the category of inspirational movies for students. The movie explores the struggles of growing up surrounded by constant social media presence and the anxiety of peer pressure, parent’s lack of understanding and first romantic encounters.

Written by CelebMix