The Best of One Direction: A Playlist

Every One Direction fan has their set of go to songs that they play in the car, while they’re getting ready, when they’re feeling a bit blue, or when they’re feeling love struck.  Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall truly have a song for everything.

The boys of One Direction have put out five great albums full of incredible songs, you really can’t go wrong with anything in their discography –  even the songs you eventually tire of are worth listening to again from time to time.

With absolute tunes like They Don’t Know About Us, Fireproof, AM, and Little White Lies it’s impossible to pick just one go-to song from their library at any given time – they’re all just too good.

Some fans are more into their obvious radio style hits and others find their favorites to be the gems hidden on the album that you fall in love with at first listen, but aren’t really ‘mainstream’!

This is why we decided to compile a playlist of the best One Direction songs that span an array of emotions and seem to flow perfectly from one song to the next.  Some will make you dance, some will make you tear up, some will make you want to call the person you love, and some might even make you want to call up your ex.  The best ones though, they’ll make you want to be with your best friends and they’ll remind you of the times you spent in the arenas, the stadiums, or the parking lots turned concert venues and sang at the top of your lungs to songs that healed you.  They’ll take you back to the moment you heard them live and saw the boys belting out the lyrics with conviction in front of you and if you close your eyes you might even feel like you’re there again for a few moments; and isn’t that a dream?


Music is the universal language and the lads of One Direction use it perfectly; did we catch all your favorites? Leave any out? Tweet us at @CelebMix1D and let us know what you thought!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.