The Best YouTubers to Watch for Students

There are so many amazing ways to get help with your schoolwork. You’re not in the position that your parents were in, when they had to figure out a whole lot for themselves and that was it! There is a multitude of places and people you can go to that are going to help you out and steer you on the right direction. This is what is great about learning things, is that in the modern day students can search out their own methods of help from people, and this breeds a great relationship because they have put the effort in to find something or someone that helps them and speaks their language. No other place on the internet is this more apparent then Youtube. Youtube is not only funny cat videos and things like that, there is a whole host of informative people that can help in different ways. But, as everyone knows, Youtube is a huge, huge database full of videos, and this can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to find the person that is right for you? And right for the subject that you are studying? Well fear no more, we are here to tell you the best Youtubers to follow in order to get the support and information that you need. The answer isn’t always in buying research papers, sometimes it’s getting help from a source online!


vSauce is a great place to go if you need some interesting factoids for your essay or coursework. It is run by an American comedian, entertainer and internet personality by the name of Michael Stevens. The channel covers just about everything, but mainly focuses on things like cultural phenomena, as well as physics problems and quantum mathematics. Michael delivers the content in an easy-to-digest manner that serves to put the viewer at ease, he also keeps the subject matter light and is a great guide that never strays off anywhere that you can’t follow him. vSauce is a great place to find some interesting things about the subject you are studying, for instance, if you are doing an essay on bodies in space, or the future of the galaxy, then he has a lot of interesting videos concerning those subjects. He gets all of his information from credible sources and is a well respected Youtube personality. His witty facts and interesting theories can provide a great addition to an essay you are struggling with or as a conclusion for a research paper.

Thug Notes

Do you struggle endlessly trying to figure out the context of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte? Maybe you’re stumped by some of the language used in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, maybe you just can’t seem to get through Pride and Prejudice and need someone to help you out with the intricacies of the storyline. Well, that someone is definitely Thug Notes! It consists of a humorous tutor who is a bit of a gangster! He sits in a lovely mahogany living room, and he helps you to understand a multitude of different texts. I do mean multitude, there is an endless amount of books he has covered in his time including Shakespeare’s plays and The Great Gatsby. He works through these books at a slow pace, speaking in a way that is easy to pick up and quite funny and entertaining too! He serves to tell you a little bit about the story, the background of the characters, the context of the books creation and the writer too! So many students have turned to Thug Notes in the hour of need and it never seems to let them down, give it a try and see if you can learn about literature from the Thug himself!

Youtube is one of the best resources we have at our disposal. It’s very easy to think it’s just a fun place to visit on the web that consists of a huge amount of funny videos and entertaining little clips. But the truth is there are some great minds that are posting stuff that can really help when it comes to writing our essays and staying informed. Though it can be a big and daunting place, you now have two areas of Youtube you can go to check out. You will find them to be extremely helpful and they might lead you to find more amazing channels too!

Written by digidog sigi