‘The Blacklist’ Season Three set to bring a “different dynamic.”

Crime Drama phenomenon ‘The Blacklist’ is set to return for its third series this Autumn, in America; although a release date for the UK has yet to be confirmed.

For those who didn’t catch the finale of Season Two (which aired: 29th May 2015 and is now available on Sky Living’s On Demand service) it’s time for some spoilers to keep you up to date!

It was revealed that the Cabal had been conspiring against Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) in order to make her appear as a Russian spy, that had infiltrated the FBI. Their plan consisted of having Liz unknowingly infect a senator with a genetically enhanced version of the Ebola virus, for which she is now on the FBI’s most wanted list- joining Raymond Reddington (James Spader)- and then went on to reveal her Russian heritage; her mother being a infamous Russian spy and Lizzie’s birth in Russia itself, all of which she was unaware of.

Upon escaping her holding at the FBI’s underground headquarters, with Red’s help, Lizzie finds Connolly- one of the lower ranking members of the Cabal- and shoots him for the compromising and dangerous position he’s helped to put her in. The attack finally triggers memories she’s been suppressing about ‘the night of the fire.’ Shooting Connolly helps her to realise that it was she who shot her father that night; which goes part way to explaining an instance that we’ve been waiting the whole series to begin discussing.

Actress Megan Boone is quoted as saying,”Season 3 is going to be the same characters but a different show, a very different dynamic.” She stated that the task force is “imploding” meaning the core structure of the show will change; with Lizzie also now being seen as their enemy rather than their ally.

The Hollywood Reporter, who recently interviewed actor Ryan Eggold (Tom Keene) said he explained that ‘The Blacklist’ Seasons 1 and 2 were focused on unveiling the biggest series questions, whereas the next season will be about finding answers.

A highly recommended watch for anyone who hasn’t checked it out already, as the rest of us await the much anticipated next series.

Written by CelebMix