The Creative Rise of LuckyDesigns: A Graphic Designer to Watch

Described as one of the top graphic designers making waves in the content industry, Lucky Nunthatee, or LuckyDesigns, has built a strong following at just 17. Based in Woodland Hills, California, LuckyDesigns is an unstoppable rising star in the world of graphic design and video editing, having worked with renowned creators such as KSI, Berleezy, TBJZL, and IShowSpeed, to name a few.

With a unique, innovative style, LuckyDesigns’ work is often praised for its creativity and attention to detail. He draws inspiration from the 90s and 2000s films, movie posters, album covers, and magazines. His talent for creating eye-catching visuals is unparalleled, and his designs are instantly recognizable to millions of fans. His body of work includes artwork for rappers, influencers, social media personalities, and YouTubers.

How did he find so much success at such a young age? His journey began at 11 when he was looking for career inspiration online. He stumbled upon YouTube videos of graphic designers and decided to watch them as a pastime. He continued watching and even attempted to create similar designs from the tutorials. Following lots of research and practice, LuckyDesigns perfected his skills and found a style that expresses what graphic design means to him.

As a young artist, LuckyDesigns had to overcome several obstacles due to his age and being self-taught. When he started, he had to constantly prove himself. Now, one of the challenges he contends with is working with people he watched and admired and tackling the feeling that this is the time he needs to prepare for what’s next. 

And getting ready for what’s next has definitely paid off. His hard work, determination, and creative spirit have cemented his spot in the world of graphic design. He has hit nearly 300K followers on Instagram and has designed some of the top YouTube banners, thumbnails, and Twitter headers. His clients are from all over the world, and his portfolio keeps growing. 

In a few years, LuckyDesigns sees himself elevating his work and creativity more in the community of designing and editing and trying to work with upcoming illustrators/artists worldwide. He also has some tips for his colleagues in the industry to help them thrive and not “burn out’’. He advises them to be true to themselves and do what they truly want to do in their future careers like expanding their portfolio, doing more of what they love, and taking breaks when necessary.

There is no doubt LuckyDesigns’ story is unique. As a self-taught graphic designer and video editor, he is an inspiration to young people who want to pursue their passions. His rise to success is a testament to the power of what can happen when you combine the power of focus and passion. His unique talent for creating eye-catching visuals is unparalleled, and his designs are instantly recognizable to millions of fans.

LuckyDesigns is certainly an artist to watch. Check out the designs at and follow his unfolding story on Instagram and Facebook

Written by Peter Jones