The Gallagher Brothers…. Will they? Won’t they?

It’s hard to think about some of the great rock n roll bands of all time not coming back to do a reunion. We’ve seen it before with The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, The Who and even Blur, so surely it’s time for the Gallagher boys to rekindle and collaborate as Oasis once again.

However, I feel as though the perfect opportunity has already passed. The ideal moment for the Oasis lads to have come back should have been in Manchester back in 2017, which despite the circumstances would have made for a momentous comeback. Liam, of course, showed up but according to Radio X the reason was “Noel Gallagher was already out of the country on a trip that formed part of his 50th birthday celebrations, leaving Brother Liam to make a surprise appearance at the Emirates Old Trafford.”

The Gallagher brother beef has always been at the epicentre as to why Oasis has never come back into the public eye. A few years ago, whenever either of them appeared on a chat show, it seemed to be the only question on the host’s mind. Would Oasis get back together? The answer at that time was always going to be no. Liam and Noel despised each other, so it was far too toxic for any reunion.

But many have said “never say never”, and after a truce was called last Christmas, it seems as though the pair of Rock N Roll stars could be on their way to a reunion that could potentially see them be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in the next few years.

Although any bad blood between the two may have settled, there are still stories popping up about Noel’s wife Sara reportedly telling Liam to “drop dead”. Not the most flattering of comments but I’m sure it won’t affect Liam with his hard as nail persona.

Despite there not being any beef between the two, Liam still isn’t afraid to have a dig at older brother Noel’s latest album, which he described as “shit Kula Shaker”. Clearly, the idea of saying “Could do with a little more work” doesn’t translate well into Liam’s head.

In many ways, any form of an Oasis comeback would be met with an ecstatic uproar, which isn’t surprising considering it would see the unity of two of the most influential Britpop icons of all time. Let’s not forget how much revenue it would make all the event organisers. I mean we only have to hark back to the days of Knebworth House in 1996 where they managed to pull in 250,000 people. And if you thought that was impressive, then you will probably have forgotten that 2.6 million fans applied for tickets, which in case you don’t realise is around 3% of the UK’s population.

It is difficult to tell whether these two genuinely want a reunion or whether or not they believe it’s best to leave things as they are. Especially, as it feels like another argument or outrage by either one is just around the corner. As cynical as it may sound you do have to remember that these brothers aren’t your typical pampered up celebs, oh no. The Gallagher brothers are full on Rock N Roll stars, with their backstage fights being the stuff of legend. It is difficult to know what the next few years may hold for these two, but who knows we could be hearing the unmistakable sound of ‘Live Forever’ very soon.

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Written by CelebMix