The Girls Of Fifth Harmony Completely Support Each Other In Everything They Do: A Magnificent Reflection

Fifth Harmony may only have one studio album out (soon to be two) with a few singles on the side, but their impact on the music industry should be widely appreciated.

Girl groups like Fifth Harmony (and Little Mix) are subject to constant scrutiny simply for being women. They’re dragged by the media at times and sometimes hate arises from a single performance.

“They totally lip-sync”, “They can’t sing” “They don’t even like each other”, etc. Some comments are so saddening that the phrase “words can cut like a knife” become more apparent than ever.

Thankfully, the girls of Fifth Harmony have each others back in any situation.

One situation that has had loads of media play include Camila Cabello’s duet with Shawn Mendes.

Some rumours have circulated that the girls are envious and/or jealous of the whole ordeal – the thing is, all this negativity is nothing but a plain old fluke. It doesn’t even exist. It’s just being created to get public attention and quite honestly, it’s immature and insensitive.

Nonetheless, the girls’ support of Camila simply shows that no matter what the outer public and media says, Fifth Harmony aren’t going anywhere.

They’re staying in it for the long run and you lot out there should be prepared for 2016 because the girls are coming back with even more girl power.

The moral of the story is never believe every single thing you come by anywhere, especially if its made in a way to pity women (or anyone) against each other.

Normani, Camila, Lauren, Dinah-Jane and Ally love each other and empower others. Don’t you forget that! Thank you girls for always being 100 percent real!

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.