The Great British Bake Off 2015

The nation’s favourite baking programme has finally started! The Great British Bake Off takes to our screens every Wednesday at 8:00pm, BBC One. It is a programme you simply cannot miss – I mean come on… they make cake! What’s more to love? Everyone loves cake… Right?
Unfortunate for those on a diet like myself.

However, it’s not just about baking, with presenters; The Mel and Sue duo lurking behind the bakers’ whisks and wooden spoons, it adds a comedic streak to the programme – they are the perfect couple to present it.

Although all bakers want to win, with the combination of the presenters, judges, the pastel coloured equipments and several aromas in the air- they create a care free and relaxed atmosphere that the bakers can bake in.


The one and only Mary Berry is there to taste the food! The Queen of ingredients is there to taste the amazing treats that are produced by the wonderful contestants! What an honour!

Us viewers will have the pleasure of laughing at any disasters that may occur without the bakers actually hearing. I’m sure Ms Berry mentally laughs at some she has seen in the past… Some have been quite amusing. The black forest gateau disaster was the source of everyone’s laughter on Wednesday. The poor contestant didn’t give enough time for the mousse to set so once on a plate, it’s was more of a ‘lump’ but the fruit atop gave it the finishing touch.

This lovely programme allows us to learn from other people’s mistakes so if we want to try, it will be perfect first time – we hope! If you haven’t already, you need to get this programme on series link record and when Wednesday 7:45pm rolls around, get your coffee mugs and biscuits and be ready to enjoy the show!

“On your marks, get set… Bake”

Written by CelebMix