The Great Celebrities of Canada

Canada is known for its robust entertainment industry and iconic people. The country is blessed with great celebrities, ranging from music masters to iconic actors. Some of Canada’s top celebrities who have acquired global success, fame, and huge fan bases include:


Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake, is a rapper, singer, and actor born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His earliest recognition came through the teen drama series “The Next Generation,” where he starred as Jimmy Brooks. That set a base for him to launch his musical career, and his first three albums achieved the critical success that pushed him to hip hop’s forefront globally.

Drake is an influential figure in the music industry, credited for popularizing singing and R&B aspects in hip hop. He is also among the top celebrities who are into online gambling in Canada and doesn’t hide his love for betting. 

Year after year, Drake has proved how versatile he is in his musical prowess, making him among the greatest artists of our era. At the Billboard Music Awards 2021, he was named Artist of the decade, adding to the multiple records he holds in the music industry.

Drake has also ventured into entrepreneurship and owns “OVO sound,” a record label he co-owns with long-time collaborator 40. As a fashion designer, he has a sub-label with Nike and other business ventures.

Ryan Gosling

A prominent Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling is popular for his performance in blockbuster movies like Goosebumps, The Believer, Murder by Numbers and The Notebook. The 41-year-old actor rose to fame at the age of 13 and went ahead to receive various accolades in the last three decades of his career. That includes an Independent Spirit Award, two Satellite Awards, a Golden Globe Award and nominations for two Academy Awards.

In his movies, Gosling displays crazy levels of confidence and swagger, whether as a bank robber or a cop. Gosling is also known for his peace-keeping efforts in Africa, supporting PETA, the Enough Project and Invisible Children. 

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is among the top Canadian-born actresses that have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. Rachel made her Hollywood debut in 2002 before rising to fame in 2004 after the release of the romantic drama film The Notebook and the comedy “Mean Girls.”

Besides her successful acting career, Rachel McAdams is an environmentalist who ran an environmentally friendly lifestyle blog for five years alongside two of her friends. The eco-warrior powers her home using Bullfrog renewable energy, doesn’t own a car and uses a bicycle to travel around Toronto. However, she drives a car while she’s living in Los Angeles, as it’s hard to cycle in the city.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is probably the most iconic Canadian celebrity of our time. The acclaimed pop singer was born in Quebec and is known for her strong vocal skills. She cuts across various genres, including rock, pop, gospel, and classical music.

Celine Dion rose to fame after releasing a series of French songs in Canada, a part French-speaking nation. The globally renowned artist first came up with a series of French albums in the 80s before learning English and later signing with Epic Records.

While with the US label, Celine achieved global fame after releasing several trending albums at the time. That includes “Falling into You” and “Let’s Talk about Love.” Today, Celine Dion is among the highest-selling Canadian artists of all time and one of the world’s best sellers.

Keanu Reeves

A Canadian actor born in Beirut and raised in Toronto, Keanu Reeves is a global hit for his incredible role as John Constantine, Jack Traven in Speed, Neo in the Matrix, and most recently, John Wick. Reeves has left a mark in different movie genres, with many of his projects making him a progressively endearing fun, talented and relatable artist.

Besides his acting prowess, Keanu is also loved for his acts of kindness and for making the fans’ hearts melt. On the red carpet, the star is known to avoid grabbing women’s waists while taking pictures, opting to hoover his hand instead. No wonder feminists have crowned him the “respect king.”

Jim Carrey

As a Canadian-American actor and comedian, Jim Eugene Carrey first gained recognition in 1990 through “In Living Color,” a sketch comedy. His roles in films like The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Dumb and Dumber made him break out as a star. His energetic and slapstick delivery style set him above the rest, and he has a series of over-the-top performances in his career.

Carrey’s works in the 2000s helped him climb to the level of a superstar, with constant film appearances through to the 2010s. He is mainly cast as a comedic actor but has also had success with dramatic roles. With two golden globe awards, he is surely one of the greats.

Written by Monella